Saudi Work Visa rejected at Saudi Mumbai consulate

I got a decent offer from a reputed company in Saudi Arabia. My degree is Msc. IT and it had been attested.  Cultural attache was also completed in May 2010.
Now when my agent submitted my passport along with the degree certificate for work visa stamping at the Mumbai counsulate this thursday, it has been rejected. As per my agent the reason of rejection is that the cultural attache stamping is old (May 2010). Well this doesnot stand any logic. When the degree already has a cultural attache stamping, how does is matter when the stamping was done.
The agent has told me that he is going to again submit my passport for visa stamping. I already resigned from my previous company.
Can anyone through some light on this. Is this a valid reason for rejection that my cultural attache stamping is old. Will the visa be stamped this time.

It looks like there is a time limit on the stamping.

Dear Mr Nabi Rouf i am also having the same problem that my work visa also got rejected in mumbai consulate 1 week back only my agent told me that the reason being me going on lower category visa on my previous job i.e control device technician but in reality i was working as electri and instrumentation engineer But after spending my time period of 2 years of contract period i gave resignation and came back on final exit but with new  engg visa in new other company and i have done attestation of my degree certificate and gone through proper medical check up and recently my agent submitted my application for the visa in the consulate but 1 week later he got the delivery of my passport with a letter in arabic which gave the reason as i described above my agent and me are also at the loggerheads at what to do i hope we both get through this ASAP.inshallah.
Asrar Ahmed Farooqui.
m availaible ***

Your agents are trying to make some extra money! Change the agent and give your case to someone with a good reputation.

hello Arbab, I think your assumption is wrong. The agent is not involved in this.  The agent is company selected and I don't have to pay anything.  All the communication is between the company and the agent directly.


I can't assume what is the reason in your case. But even for my company agent had told me that your Visa will not be stamped because
1. I had traveled previously on Business Visa and now since iam travelling on Eng Visa hence Embassy is not stamping the Visa...

But after talking to him couple of times, he demanded money from me.. and later on i found that the day he had called me saying the above excuses my visa was stamped On/Before that on my passport.
I can't assume the same in your case, i can just ask you talk to your agent and tell him if there is any way you can get this cleared and see what the response will be.

Hope things are sorted out for you.. I have also learnt my  lesson  ' Never resign from existing job unless your Visa etc are fully stamped  ' esp for KSA.

Also if they say Cultural Attache is old, you can go again and do the Cultural Attache.

Waleikum As-Salam Yousuf bhai. Well you may also be right. We never know what these agents are upto. However, this agent is one the most reputed agents in India. To again apply for the cutural attache stamping, it is going to take lot of time. The company has been waiting for me since last 4 months. I received the offer in mid March. The same day I forwared a scanned copy of my degree certificates (front and back side) to the agent and it confimred everthing is ok. No need for the cultural attache. Otherwise I would have asked the agent to complete the cutural attache once again. Now the problem is the company might not wait for me anymore as it has already been 4 months since the offer was rolled out and I sent my accpetance. During this time, I completed my notice period with my last employer and was expecting to join by 15th of this month.
Now the agent is saying me that they are going to apply for the visa stamping once again today and see what happens.
I hope that the visa stamping is done and I am able to join.the new company.
You are right that one should not resign from the job unless the visa is stamped, especially for KSA. Leasson Learnt.

Waiting for 3-4 Months is a norm in Saudi arabia  (from what  i have seen). If Allah Forbid you dont; get the Visa stamped. I will advise you to go for saudi cultural attache attestation.  Mention the same to your company.

Dear Nabirouf Bhai m also having the same problem here of visa stamping got rejected 1st time u know what d silly reason they are saying that because previously u have gone on technicians visa how come this time even though u have came exit u r going on engg's visa even though m having my degree attested through embassy in delhi i hope that we both get our visas stamped this week atleast and bro yousuf84 got a good and a silent lesson in life to not leave ur job until u get the other in hand or until u get the visa stamped but anyways if this only shity people would have a rule to give an expat release after his contract ends it would have been good for many people, since this was the only reason i have to come on exit since my company was not giving me release,anyways pray for me also in ur dua.

Yes, exactly. It is only you who "thinks" that you don't have to pay anything. You are in India my friend :P As I said your agent is trying to make some extra money. They are going to give you every lame excuse available that your visa will not be stamped. Once you are scared out of your pants and willing to do anything to get it stamped, then you will be given certain options and eventually you will get to know that you don't get anything for free.

Wishing you all the best!

thanks Arbab bhai for informing about this. however, is there anyway to avoid this. should I inform the company about the way out of it. If you had a similar experience, how did you get out of it.
I am still optimistic that the visa will be stamped this week. Rest Allah SWT knows best. Do pray for me and others in this forum who are facing a similar problem.

Jazaak Allah Khair.

Do update about your status on this thread.

You can do 1 thing. You can try reaching another agent in Delhi (details below. im mentioning his mobile no and company name, he is a registered agent for saudi attestation, his company name is mentioned on Saudi Embassy in India Website.. My purpose of giving his details is only to help you and NOT advertising for him)

Just call him and ask him
1. Can you stamp Visa.
2. Tell to him that your degree is attested by Cultural attache in 2010.
3. You were working before on Technician visa and now you have got Engineer Visa.

Just check the response. If this is in reality a new  rule from KSA Embassy then it should be happening to a lot of agents and they should be aware.

Wishing you all the best.

Agent : ( I will be deleting his details after you note them)

finally my visa was stamped on last Friday. Alhamdullilah. Today i received my passport and will travel on 4th aug inshallah. I would like to thank you all in this forum for guidance, suggestions and support.
To inform you the agent didn't ask for any money.
Jazaak Allak Khair.

so what happened ? They just gave it to you or agent asked for something?

They just couriered the passport to my home address and did not ask for any money.

Asak Bhai did they stamped on ur passport engg category visa or any other visa since my case was also d same except that my application was rejected because previously i did go to ksa on tech visa and thats why they are saying they rejected it and 2nd time when my agent again applied for stamping with some of the internal contacts  stupid people they just stamped technicians visa on it would be glad if u please reply .

waleikum salam bhai
my profession is not engineering but consultant technical services.

Could you pls give me the contact no of that agent. I am also facing same problem

I have been offered in Marafiq,Yanbu,KSA as a planning engineer.

I completed my HRD attestation on my Degree certificate.

Due to their requirement , they are offering technician visa now as Planning engg visa would take some time.

They promised over mail that Visa status will be changed to Engineer Visa, Responsibility lies with marafiq .

If i work for upcoming the few years and coming back to india.

Again decided to go KSA to som other Company, will my Visa will be stamped as Engineer Visa

Or will they reject.

- get verified from someone in KSA if the co. is real or fake one with their own agent?
- KSA authorities make one law this day and shall change after a week. They are doing it haphazardly and having no sense of consistency. You'll get the real lesson, when you'll arrive airport in K.S.A. for first time. I hope you issue is resolved soon, as you mistakenly resigned from previous job without having visa in hand.

Is it possible to get the visa in same category once it is getting rejected

If not we then by what time i can apply for the same

My visa got rejected by giving me a reason  that your degree doesn't matches with your visa profession

My Profession  - Purchase officer
Visa category   - engineer visa

Please I need your suggestions

Anand soni :

Is it possible to get the visa in same category once it is getting rejected

If not we then by what time i can apply for the same

My visa got rejected by giving me a reason  that your degree doesn't matches with your visa profession

My Profession  - Purchase officer
Visa category   - engineer visa

Please I need your suggestions

Ask your agent to pay up at the embassy

I am also in same problem agent is askin money I said I will pay but work shud be done

Hai friends
I have sent my passport and babies passport for stamping visit visa at Mumbai consulate, agent told me that my passport got stamped and babies not, and the reason is I should submit the polio certificate for baby, My agent submitted it on last monday that is on 9th. Upto today there is not updation from their side, I am little bit worried about it, anyone can help me

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