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My query is that i want to apply for my wfie visa but we r expecting baby in couple of months . So can i apply now for my wife and for baby separately or do i have to apply together. The reason i am asking this is to save time i-e i get the Visa slip for my wife and then for baby i apply separately.
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this question has been asked/answered in another forum on qsaudi:

hope that helps!

@sidvicious thanks for your kind response. I checked the link but details mentioned are in the case when wife already has iqama. A guy asked a question similar to mine but no reply has been given to him.
If u have direct link or know the details plz do share.
Thanks and stay blessed

my recommendation is that you wait for baby then apply for both wife and baby. but you can apply for the wife visa but you will face difficulty in medical certificate so wait the apply
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Thanks touba for your reply. Actually i want to save time. our office guys take almost 1-2 months for family visa processing. So i plan to have Visa slip for my wife then after delivery she will go for medical and remaining process in pakistan. My only concern is that what will be the Visa process for the new born so that mother can fly to saudia with the baby.


if you are sending the resident visa(yellow slip) you can issue it now because it was valid for one year but if you are planning for family visit it was valid for 3 month after issuing the visa slip.
if you wife live in karachi i'll give you travel agent no. he will get your visa stamped in 3 to 5 days

if your wife is aqama holder then you dont need any visa slip for new born baby

@ Tooba,
It means for new born anyone can obtain visa on arrival (at Saudi Airport) if the mother is iqaama holder  and no need to issue visa for new born?
Are you sure about it in case of Pakistani national.

Salam Tooba,
First of all really appreciate your continous interest and feedback on this topic. May Allah shower His blessings on you.
My wife is not iqama holder. I will be applying for her resident visa.
This means i can get visa slip for my wife now as its valid for 1 yr and then i will apply for resident visa in pakistan after delivery thru etimad. But what will be the process for new born baby in this case ? How will the visa be processed for new born ?
I am living in lahore.


Good day to all!

I just want to ask what is the standard procedure in changing profession in Iqama?  And correction of the wrong translation of Name from English to Arabic?

I need any of your friendly advice as I am applying for a permanent family visa for my wife.

Thanks a lot any insights will be heartily appreciated!

if mother have valid aqama then no need to issue new visa slip for new born baby.
new born visa get stamped without visa slip and i am pretty much sure about it because i have worked in this industry.
if you need further assistance feel free to ask

reply @awa-banday
dont apply for your wife resident visa now once your baby was deliver then apply for both visa slip for both new born and wife so you can get easily visa through etimad and please when you are issuing the visa slip for wife and baby make it sure it for islamabad not for karachi otherwise you have to come to karachi to get your visa stamped.

Thanks Tooba for your kind response and suggestion.

Many thanks

your r welcome if you need further assistance feel free to email me at ****

So i only have to get stamped the visa for new born through Pakistan embassy in my home country (as they are in Pakistan)?
If yes, it means visa on arrival is not possible.

@nasirali yes if your family is in pakistan you need the new born baby to get their visa stamped from saudi embassy or consulate

visa on arrival is not possible


I recently got job offer from KSA as Engineer, and soon be getting all my documents attested from Saudi Culture and Saudi Consulate in Karachi than for visa stamping.

My query is very unique as I haven't found such issue; my wife is foreign national (indian) and she is living with me in Pakistan on family visa-Multiple entry and ALHAMDOLILLAH gave birth to a baby in Pakistan.

I applied for a Pakistani passport of my baby as well.

Now, the issue is that after i get iqama in KSA and lateron apply for family visa for my wife and child does they issue visa to my wife from Pakistan? or does they issue her visa from India?

Please advice! because I don't want to fall in a situation to live without my kid and spouse in KSA after leaving my company in Pakistan.

Salam All,
Alhamdulillah my family is here. The process was :

1. i applied for my wife visa and got the yellow slip
    Note: Baby yet to be born

2. Got appointment from etimad ( Normal one as there is no difference in processing time for normal and lounge . only u get sandwiches and tea for paying almost 5k extra in Lounge)
    Note: do read new terms regarding appointment. If u miss ur normal appointment then for next 2 weeks u will only get slot in Lounge .

3. Documents required: ( document details can also be obtained from Etimad office )
       - Marriage Cert. attested from Saudi and Foregin office ( its required for Yellow paper so its already done)
       - GAMCA medical. remember when u with all your docs to etimad they will ask u make to medical online so if u go early to etimad and submit docs u can come back to Medical centre and apply for medical online same day. U will  get the online medical next day . This is just to save one extra day.
       - Photos ( better to have 4-6 with u )
       - Iqama copy of sponsor
       - Passport original of applicant and copy of both ( visa page as well of sponsor ). Passport validity atleast 6 months
       - Polio vaccination card ( with copy )
4. A token is issued. keep it safe . In case the applicant cannot come , an authorization letter can be issued as well.     Check progress of application using the tracking number through Etimad webiste.

For New Born ( birth is after mother visa slip):
1. Nadra B-form attested from Foreign office ( do get Nadra Birth Certificate attested as well as it will be required for iqama in saudi arabia)
2. Passport baby original and mother copy and visa page copy. ( Kindly do take original mother passport )
3. Iqama copy
4. Vaccination Card  ( this is to check for polio vaccination)
5. Photos
6. No need for the baby to go to etimad.

And i think thats it . Have to say Saudi Embassy is doing a good job. when docs come to them in my case they only took 2 days.
IMPORTANT: At airports take care that baby passport is properly processed and exit / entry stamps made on baby passport as well. Also at saudi airport the manual entry should be done on baby passport as well.
In my case at Pakistan airport FIA forgot to stamp exit on passport and on saudi they forgot to write manual number. Hats off to my wife for being vigilant. :)

Best of luck to all and may Allah make every step easy for you. For any details i can always be contacted. kindly comment or inbox for any help.


Salam awa-banday,
I need your help. can u please tell me we have to get our medical done before taking an appointment from Etimad? and submit the medical with all the other documents?

If yes, then can you please tell me how to contact Gamca and whats their procedure? Please tell me how to go about the medical test procedure

Salam. Appointment u can get after yellow paper but whats the guarantee that medical will get cleared ???
so i would suggest  first pass the medical then get appointment. Yes u should submit medical along with other docs. As for GAMCA, u just have to go to their office ( sat off)  and get the medical slip. Keep 6  photos and original/copy of Nicop and Passport. U will be assigned a medical centre.Fee is 5500 as of June 2014.
Note: Passport shud have atleast 9 months of expiry.

In Lahore GAMCA location is in Iqbal town near moon market

FOR GAMCA Medical , Is NICOP mandatory to be required? Do wife need yellow visa slip page as well?

Salam Saadbq,
GAMCA is based on passport. So NICOP is not a must. Yellow slip is not required.

Best of luck

saadbq :

FOR GAMCA Medical , Is NICOP mandatory to be required? Do wife need yellow visa slip page as well?

Documents required at GAMCA:
1) Yellow Slip (Original or Copy),       2) Original Passport      3) 2 Photographs with white or Blue Background                             4) for Children under 12 Passport Copy only.

If your Child born in Pakistan you have to apply for passport and visa for  your child. If your child born in Saudi then you should take birth certificate from hospital and then apply for passport for getting your child iqama. I refer you this article which will clear your doubts.

How much time they have taken for the VISA Stamping and how we come to know when VISA stamped from etimad?

saadbq :

How much time they have taken for the VISA Stamping and how we come to know when VISA stamped from etimad?

From Karachi they are taking 10 Days.From Enjaz website you can check or track Etimad Website.

Enjaz Page

I have the same situation as yours. All i want to know is if u issued the yellow residency visa slip before the babys birth then how did u apply for babys visa? Here in the Uk they are telling me that my yellow visa slip is invalid as it doesnt contain the babys name.. although my baby was born after we issued the slip..

What do i do? Please guide us
Thank u

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