4 weeks for residence and CPR

I work in Saudi so have !qama.
Recently got residence and CPR in 4 weeks

Just for info for anyone that is thinking of doing it

Dear Omeath,

Could you please share briefly the process?


Yes please share Omeath - there are lots of us here waiting to do the same.


Hi everyone,
not much to share really.  A very professional Bahraini gentlemen
Give him my passport for a couple of hours
He calls me to tell me the visa is done
Give him my passport for a couple of hours
He comes back with 5 year residence visa, multiple . Plus paper CPR
I pay him
Don't want to seem as I am advertising

I am male by the way and work in KSA

You must have needed paperwork from your company though?

no I did not

I wish you could enlighten me more on this or atleast PM me !

I'd love to apply for a CPR !

I am in a same situation , having the Iqama !

Waiting  :cheers:


Hello how are you? did you ask about the possibility to get a housing loan with a paper CPR?
Appreciate to hear from you.

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