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I will not mention names on this blog but beware of the clearing agents they are a total rip off. An example; needed my CPR renewed after my first year in Bahrain, called the agent, asked what papers they needed, how long it would take and the cost. All they need is your pp, rental agreement, letter from municipality, cost BD.85. I thought hang on, if this is all they need I will have a go myself; went to the CPR office, paid BD.12 and was done in less than 5 minutes.
My advise after 2 bad experiences? avoid them like the plague and do whatever you can do yourself, I know I will from now on!

Well done :)

There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice (as ever) at the moment saying that you have to have a Bahraini to go with you for any immigration/cpr issues.  Sounds like that may not the be case at all.

The agents are trying to make everything look difficult as obviously it is in their interest. I would not have a problem with paying a reasonable fee but to sell a BD.12 service for BD.85 that is just criminal. On top of that I don't think they are professional at all, using yahoo or gmail email accounts, never clear on what papers they exactly need, never come to you to pick up or bring documents, I have spent hours of my time just to drive to the agent. A Lebanese/ Australian friend of mine who has been living here for quite some years and doing all the renewals himself opened my eyes after I told him the amounts of money I was paying. ($.10,000.00 last year to process CPR's and multiple visas for my wife and daughter)

Great stuff - always helpful if you have someone to tell you how to do these things.

As just said on a previous post, I think lots of us are looking to do this ourselves so we may come back to you your advice :)

Not a problem at all, I don't want others to fall into the same trap and from now on I will expose these people to everyone I know. I started noticing something was wrong as the agents never specify how much they are taking as a cut for their own service. Will give you one name to avoid (Moderated: do not mention name of agencies / name of person on the forum pls)

Thanks saudiben. Great advise and tips for all of us.

I too used to think that non-Bahrainis were not allowed to able to get any work done at the immigration office until last year, when I had to go through the initial steps of self-sponsorship. Not only was I able to enter the premises, but i also did each stage myself.

PS:  i must also add, not all agents are bad and money minded. I use the services of one agent when I need some work done and their charges were very reasonable - actual cost of process charged by the authorities plus a fixed service fee for themselves.

Farhaz - we have always done everything ourselves but it was very recent advice (in the last month or so) from a Broker, and a respected one,  who told us we now could not do anything without a Bahraini.

Seems that is not the case - thank goodness :)

Thank goodness indeed! :top:

They are protecting their turf. :D

Dear Saudiben,

Can you let me know what the letter from municipality is and how to obtain?

Thanks. Shackle

Dear Faraz,

Can you forward the details of your agent?

Thanks Shackle.

shackle :

Dear Faraz,

Can you forward the details of your agent?

Thanks Shackle.

Hi Shackle
Sent the information via PM.
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