Hello, Going to be moving to Belize in the next couple year.

Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself and ask a few questions.

My name is Trent, and this would be my second trip moving out of the U.S., I lived in Costa Rica for three years and moved back home three years ago.

1) In Costa Rica when you rent an apartment is does not come with anything. I mean no curtains, stove or frig. It's just an empty space. Do apartments in Belize come with those, and are their reasonably prices furnished apartments so I could get the lay of the land and travel.

2) Do you know if they take tri-care health insurance. That is the military and veterans affairs health system.  A few hospitals in Costa Rica had a pretty good set up for treating veterans.

Thanks Trent.

Hello Trent,

For your accomodation, I suggest you place an advert in our section Properties for rent in Belize and state that you are looking for a fully furnished appartement.



Most apartments in Belize do have. Renting apartment or house is very cheap. Belize is cheap especially for Americans because of the currency it $2 bze- $1 us. Most apartments have : bed.stove.fridge.electricity. water. Apartments usually cost $45 weekly or $75-150 monthly depends where you rent. Renting a house will cost like $200-500 monthly.
(Corozal, orange walk, Belize, Belmopan. Stann creek. Dangriga. Cayo.Placencia. Toledo. )are way cheaper to live. But yet corozal is much cheaper to live.
(Hopkins. San Pedro. Caye caulker. ) they are islands in belize, so they are Lil expensive due to being tourist attractions.
I don't think they accept the USA insurance but nothing hard to try. Health care in Belize is not that expensive.

Hi Trent, Great move to come to Belize.  I do rentals, and they all come completely furnished if they say furnished, and my guide to offering a rental is that I never offer a rental that I would not personally live in myself!!  We live in Cayo.

On your insurance, they do not at this time take the insurance, most veterans here go back every year and get their medications, and have them mailed.

Any questions that I can answer, you can contact me direct
Hurry up home to Belize!!

Hello Trent,

Both homes I have rented in Corozal were furnished.  When they say furnished they are, usually fully furnished.  A lot of the homes in the area are rented month to month, fully furnished down to the plates, bots, pans, and towels in the bathroom.  They are trying to rent them for vacationers.
The homes I rented were $275/mo for a 2 bed 1 bath about a mile outside of town, and for $325/mo. a 2 bed 1 bath, about 400 sq ft larger home just 3 blocks from the ocean.  If you rent for just one month the cost will be higher $500/mo in my case.  So be sure to ask what the price would be if you stay for 3, 6, 12 months.  -  Negotiate. 

I didn't know about your insurance, but I see that has been answered already.  I have not used the doctor or dentist yet; but I have been told for routine stuff it is good and cheap, with doctor visits around $25 - and meds are much less expensive.   Keep in mind some things don't require a prescription.  If you know you need anti-biotics you can just go to the pharmacy and ask for a course of them for $10.  Insurance is available for about 1/3 the cost of the U.S.  if you want it.  We opted to go without insurance as we visit the doctor usually only 1 or 2 times a year and pay for it in cash.  We also have an emergency fund with more than enough money to fly us back to the States for anything major.  Medical care for major things just isn't available in Belize, you can go to Mexico or back to the States.

If you are coming to the Corozal area let me know I know of a number of rentals available.

Is there a good website I can go to to check out furnished rentals? We are also looking.
Thank you.

Hi RMConner,

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All the best,

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