Any Filipina Married to Indian (Goan) guy?

hello guys! could somebody help me on how to register a catholic marriage in Goa, India. I am married to goan guy and our wedding took place here in Philippines. Do we need to register our marriage in goa? if yes what are the requirements. thanks guys hope to hear from u soon....

Sorry i cant help you but i belive you can help me.

Actually me and my Philipina GF are planning to get married in Phillipines in January 2015, would sure appriciate your help if you could guide us thru the procedure.


if u r already properly married anywhere, why get into the hassles of a catholic registered marriage
just enjoy life

For marriage that will be arranged in India... A filipina/filipino needs to to get a CENOMAR in the place where she/ he was born.. and she needs to attend the PRECANA  seminar on the place where the wedding will be held..
CENOMAR means CErtificate of NO MARriage.. to ensure that the girl/guy to get married soon has not married to any nationality before..

Marriage to be held in the philippines will have to provide a valid passport, CENOMAR, and lots of seminars about marriage..

If you are planning to get married in the philippines good.. We filipinos are friendly and we are always willing to help you..
but please love them as they loved you..

Hi Ronald,

Did you marry in Philippines already or in Goa?

Hi Ms Butterfly,

I am planning to marry my filipina girlfriend in Philippines, currently confused of getting this certificate of bachelorhood. Checked with magistrate office in goa but seems like they too don't know anything about this.
Please advise if you know from where your husband brought this certificate.
Waiting for your helpful reply.


Hi Cajay,

Welcome on board  :)

These members have not been online since long. Feel free to create your own thread on the Philippines forum with your questions, you will surely have some updated infos.

All the best,

Hi Bhavna,

Thanks will do..

Hi Cajay, i married at the Dubai embassy, not yet done with my church wedding... but soon !!!!

Hi Ronnzai,

Thanks for reply.
Please advise if your husband produced any kind of bachelorhood certificate from India?
Because I am planning to get married in Philippines this December. Went through many blogs/forums and all were saying this certificate is main document the Indian embassy Manila is demanding. It's mentioned they it can be obtained from magistrate office in Goa but seems like nobody in those offices heard about this certificate.
I just hope I don't get stuck in December since I have short vacation only. I sent email to Indian embassy in Manila but they didn't reply too..
Anyways, thanks a lot for reply.
If you come across any other Goan married in Philippines, please let me know. Any advise will be highly appreciated.
Thanks once again.

Hi cajay,
What u need is a SINGLENESS CERTIFICATE i got it done in dubai itself. Here there is an agency VSF who is authorised by the indian embassy to issue such certificates based on documents collected. I think u will need to provide them with a letter from ur parents stating that u r single and they agree for u to marry with a philipina which needs to be notarised/ stamp paper in india itself... but pls double chk  whr u r currently located if such agency is there.

And i am the Husband (indian guy) in this story !!! 😂😂😂

Cheers bro....

Ok bro..
Thanks once again.
Will try to contact the agency

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