Where to find Hair lock or dreadlock products ?

Hello, can you please send me the info. I want to get my hair done.  :)

I knw one

Please give mee the numberr 😭😭😭

I'm still looking for someone that can dread my hair in riyadh please help if you can

Sorry I dnt know anyone in Riyad furthermore I dnt stay there...... :sosad:

hi!! can i ask where to dreadlock my hair? im here in riyahd.. ive just read ur message.. can you also send the number? thanks..

Sorry I dnt know anyone in Riyadh I do my locs myself

hello i live in riyadh i saw that you know one that does dreads do u have his or her number

Hi there can you make dreadlocks?

Dorpthyriunga :

I knw one

Plz if anyone knows anyone can make dreadlocks in RIYADH let me know

Hi Jane do u mind sharing the contacts of the professional ethnic hairdresser

Thank u

babe please I urgently need this contact

please if you can do this for me I will be very greatful

please I need someone who can relock or loose my dread, if you can please inbox me,i will find you in riyadh

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