Cost of living in Chaoyang District!

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I have got this job offer from ShuangHuiYuan, ShuangQiaoNan, JingTongKuaiSu, ChaoYang district, Beijing. The base salary is 6000 RMB/month, along with free, well furnished accommodation, shared, but I will have my own room. 1000 rmb would be deducted from my salary every month for tax purposes. Also I will have to buy the beddings myself and pay for the internet, water, electricity, gas. I am not going to cook. So I will have to eat outside. Can somebody please tell me the exact or close cost of internet, water, electricity, gas per month? Also what would be the cost of bedding? Would I be able to survive and save some money out of 5000 rmb? If yes, how much would I able to save?
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I have no idea too....waiting for answers...will be there for new jop on 10th of july

Ah that's great. Hope we'll meet :)

Sure with pleasure

I am not sure if this is sufficiently representative but it seemd to be a fairly recent and comprehensive report. Been researching about cost of living too, hope this helps you.

Oops, seems like the link is being withheld but the article is on a blog called Middle Kingdom.

I know the Shuang Qiao area very will because my office is located there

5,000RMB after tax is not a lot of money. It is though more than some of my Chinese staff earn.

I guesstimate that 100 - 150RMB /month will cover your water and electricity.  Please make sure that they are paying for the heating (in winter).. For most places it is included and us private citizens cannot control when it is switched on/off - that is decided by the government.

Loads of cheap Chinese restaurants in the area. My lunch is between 10 - 25RMB/day. Today, for example, I paid 14RMB

There a few Western fast food restaurants (example Pizza Hut, McDonald, KFC, Costa Coffee) in the area.  I think a coffee at Costa Coffee will cost you about 30RMB, a McMeal/KFC 30RMB, Pizza Hut 60RMB obviously depending on what you choose.

If you want to buy coke/sprite/ local beer there is a market near my office and there 24 cans will cost you about 2RMB/can.

If you are a wine drinker I have some great Baron de Rais 2009 Bordeaux for 65RMB/bottle (minimum order one case = 6 bottles for 390RMB).

No bars that I have discovered there but I am there during the daytime for work.

Tubes/Metros/Subways cost 2RMB irrespective of distance or number of changes and you are only a few minutes walk from a subway station. Shuang Qiao is on the Batong Line, you take it to the end/change to Line 1 and either get off at Guomao for that Expat friendly area or change at Guomao to Line 10 and get off at Tuanjiehu for the Sanlitun area which is full of bars, shops etc

Supermarket in the area is catered to the local population and does not carry expat home comfort food.

So, can you live on 5,000RMB yes but you won't be eating every day in a fancy Western restaurant or in a 5 Star Hotel restaurant which can cost you about 250RMB/person if not more.

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer. I am still thinking whether to take this job or not.

The link worked for me yay! Thanks a lot for the help. Still thinking whether it would be ok to accept this offer or not.

If you are a native speaker.. I'd say pass! You can easily get 12,000 with no experience and rent is only around 2-3k rmb if you have a roommate. Expenses add up, especially when you first move. If you have questions, I can help! Learned a lot over the passed couple years!

Can you bye a monthly card for metro?

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