How to immigrate to chile (santiago) from india


myself parth joshi from gujarat,india.
i would like to immigrate to chile for job opportunities and settle there.
myself BE(CSE)computer engineer and M.B.A(persuing).
so i would like to know how i should come to chile
it would be great if u people guide me or show me the procedure to come there.
(is there job opportunity for a computer engineer?)

if u people have contact no of any agents or indian family contacts who are in chile then please do provide.

your help will be highly appreciated.


Hello Parth,

Welcome to :)

Have you tried to get in touch directly with the Chile embassy please? Here are their contacts :

I also advise you to have a look at this website, maybe you will find some useful information there as well :

Thank you,

Priscilla  :cheers:

ya thanks.
Sure i will go through these links.


Hey friend i can help u in any inquiry that you have

I'm trying to contact english native person to improve my english, so i glad to help you and improve my idiom with you.....

You can send me a inbox

And obiusly i from Chile so i can help as may me posible

I'm from  Ghana, West Africa & would be traveling to Chile very soon.. I would like to know what should do since I don't know anyone yet... Thanks

OK erre1990, where in Chile are you?

Hello Jamie, i live in Los Angeles (Chile obviusly), a city which is on the south from Santiago (500 km from STGO)

Too cold for me!

Yes, even for me...

In summer we have one of the most hot days in whole the country... but in winter....cold enough..

And how are, temperature wise, Santiago and Viña/Valpo?

Chile has marked difference between seasons, Like my city, Santiago is cold and wet in winter but in Summer it's warm and dry, most of the days in Summer here in Chile are sunny days, in Santiago the average temperature in summer it's about 30° degrees but some days reach almost 39° so it's so hot as you can imagine

When i was in Los Angeles California, i had the possibility to compare the hot summer days in USA and here in Chile, and in Chile i think is more hard the summer.
Viña has a moderate weather because it's on the coast with suitable temperature

However in the summer night (like winter's night) the temperature decrease in an important form, so it's getting cold when the night getting close.

Thank you for all these tips!
I guess Santiago may be cold in winter and hot in summer, but the atmosphere is quite dry, and so bearable, right?
I live in South Florida and this is really humid and hot in July & August.

OK, I'll be careful at night!

Thank you erre1990, talk soon again.

Yes, i think that is bearable for u because you have already lived warm weather.

The temperetura getting increase from October (now)... hope have a good trip

Thank you, sir.
I will write once I get there.
Take care.

Hello parthjoshi,

In order to enter Chile you will need to apply for the appropriate visa at the Consulate of Chile in Mumbai.

Chilean Consulate in Mumbai, India

Knowledge Centre
Plot No. 58
Marol Indl. Area, Kondivita
Andheri East
Mumbai 400 096

Telephone    (+91) 22 2697 1111
                        (+91) 22 2828 0375

Obtaining a Work Visa in any South American country is an extremely bureaucratic process, that requires first of all that you have a confirmed employment contract with a company, and they may also be required to sponsor you. You cannot work or study with a Tourist Visa and they are only for a limited period of time anyway.

The only way to obtain a Permanent Visa in most countries is generally through marriage to a citizen of that country (or permanent resident), stable relationship that has been in existence for at least one year with a citizen (or permanent resident) or through investment in a business which requires a minimum investment set by each country or retirement which the ability to bring a specific amount of funds into the country each month to support yourself.

Traditionally all South American countries rarely issue long-term Tourist Visas to citizens of India or Pakistan. Here in Brazil for example it is unheard of that a "first time" visa applicant will receive a 5 year, 90 day stay, multi-entry visa. Ususally they receive a "one-time-only" 30 day visa and would only receive a longer validity and stay ONLY following a successful visit and returning home to their country of origin. Sometimes they won't even get a 5 year visa on a second application.

If Chile's visa requirements are anything like here in Brazil (and they probably are) you will find that they have much stricter requirements for citizens of India and Pakistan for every category of visa than those for other nations.

You really should contact the Consulate and find out just what the requirements for a Work Visa are and how long it would be valid for.

If you are unable to book a direct flight to Chile from India, you may also require a Transit Visa for any country where you will be making connections to other airlines. That you will need to check with that nation's Consulate in India as well.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

Hello Ebo Nyameyie,

If you do not already have a visa to enter Chile, you will probably find it almost impossible to obtain one (or for any other South American country for that matter) due to the current Ebola Virus outbreak in West Africa. Most nations are imposing very strict limits on immigration from West African nations out of fear of the disease entering their nation. If you do manage to obtain a visa you can expect to pass through a rigorous screening process both on departure from Africa and on entry in any South American country, especially since there has already been one suspected case of Ebola here in Brazil.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team


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