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Hi there, im in online business.

Hi and welcome,

are living or willing to live abroad ?

wt kin'of bznz...

Could you please send us more information about the business...

For those who responded to my private message.  I'm sorry I can't get back to you yet as I need to post few messages in forum then they will allow me to response.

I will contact u in private msg.. Thanks for asking,

Hello GO Aim,

Could you please share some more with us about your initial post, and just for info, private messages gets blocked if you send over the same messages to different members. There is an anti spamming system active on the message system.



Hi Kenjee, thanks for the info.  We'll check how I can get back to send msg through private message.

Hello there ,

As you are in Canada , it is easier to you start online business . If you were in Bangladesh , then it would have been difficult . Anyway , I am interested to start . Can you tell me the start-up story?

Arif Bellah

I told it to GO Aim.

Hi sir

Hello ,

Hopefully you will inform me detail .

Hello everyone,

This thread has not gone any far since 2014. I am closing it. If you want to share about your work, please create a new topic on your destination forum and try to be explicit.

All the best,

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