Who's seeking a friend ?

Hi guys!!!

I'd like to meet somebody here who's seeking a friend/company to go somewhere/"guide" to show Moscow around and blah-blah-blah. I'll explain what I need it fore... I'm learning English and I need have a practice. II promise you won't get bored.
Hope to hear from you guys soon!!!

Hi MilaPo,

Welcome to :)

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Thank you


Hi there,

I'm new in Moscow and I can help you with your English.
I came alone a week ago for various reasons, work, studies, etc.
Don't hesitate to contact me, I don't know anyone and I'm starting to feel alone since it's difficult to meet people as I don't speak Russian !

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Hi Milapo,

I am Maiye and I am living in London but will be visiting Moscow this summer for holidays. I think it would be a nice idea to meet so you can help with sightseeing guide in return for English Language practice. If this sound like what you would want, please do mot hesitate to reply. Thanks!

Hi Mila,

I arrived in Moscow a couple of weeks ago and I am looking to meet some people, do not hesitate to contact me :)

@jueves, you are also welcome to contact me, I think I'm a bit like you: I am new and do not know anyone :p

Hi Mila,

I am a teacher of English and Russian as a foreign language and teach over Skype. So you can ask me any questions about English if you like. Aslo for practice you can try language exchange on CouchSurfing Moscow group website and you can find everything you need there.
Just google it. Good luck!

My Skype is annafed3.


Hi friend
Actually I speak English, Italian , French and Arabic . Now am speak a little Russian too cause I study it at home  and I'd like to speak in all .. I have much free time even I can meet.
I moved to moscow few month ago, I wish to have some friend.

Hi, I'll be in Moscow for the next two weeks (for work) and I would love to meet someone local to show me around and introduce me to the city as I have to admit I am starting to feel intimidated nit knowing anyone. I speak English (and other 5 languages, if usesful). Thanks


I have just moved to Moscow from England and would love for someone to show me around. I don't speak any Russian so if you want to practice your English that would be great!


Hi there people in Moscow;)))how are you? Get in touch +79151516624

Hi there ? What's up !

Hi Rebecca...

:)  :)  :)  and here I do not speak English. But the capital is well know. And would walk and talked with pleasure. Overall Moscow glad you:-))))).

Hello! I am Russian) live in Moscow. I speak English and 've just started to learn Spanish, so I need someone to practise languages... and to make friens. What is your mother tongue?  I would be happy if you contact me. We can use skype or hangouts.

Hi I would very much like to Skype with you and get to know you.
My mother tongue is English. I am from the United States. The only problem is I have to get my volume fix  on my computer, so I  may hear you. I will be in touch as soon as I return from California.

Thanks for reaching out.

So Moscow is the capitol.

Hi Rebecca,

And the rest of fellows. I am living in Moscow and would love to make friends, as I'm curious to know people from different places. If you still looking for company, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Hi! I am looking for flatmates . If you need room in Moscow and Russian friends send me message.

Hi. Can I help you?

Hi how are you? Would be nice to meet wonderful people while i am in Moscow. Add me on whats app or viber, it will be easier to communicate.


Dear Mila ,

It will be super if we can exchange languagues . I can help you with English and you can guide me how to corectly learn Russian . I need fine touches in my Russian :) . For English I think I can help .

Thanks in advance .


Hi, if someone dance salsa here? I wish to find new friends from Moscow. Better active, opened same ages like me.I am not answer on questions about job in Moscow, i am not agency ))) But i could help to organize good excursion to you,or visit of unuqie museum, because i work with foreign tourists ))) You could ask me.
But i wish first to find nice friends. Moscow is very lonely city, indeed here lives millions of people.


you are quite right Moscow is a very lonely place.  If you don't mind i would like to be your friend .


Lets be friends.

I am in Moscow and want to learn Russian language.

It would be great if you teach me Russian and I may help you in English.


Hi friends, would anybody like to meet up for a coffee/tea chat ? I've been out of the forum for long time and most of my friends here are gone back home.

Hi all, I'm heading out to Moscow for a week on August the 1st. I'm supposed to be visiting a penpal I've known for around a year, but as such with things like this my plans may well go awry.
Therefore it would be nice to get to know some more Moscow-vites and learn a little more about what to see and do whilst over there.

Zach  :o

ZachAttack :

Hi all, I'm heading out to Moscow for a week on August the 1st. I'm supposed to be visiting a penpal I've known for around a year, but as such with things like this my plans may well go awry.
Therefore it would be nice to get to know some more Moscow-vites and learn a little more about what to see and do whilst over there.

Zach  :o

Hi Zach,
   Drop a message before you arrive in Moscow and I can show a bit of Moscow and will introduce you some of my local friends.

Hello guys, I'd love to meet you as well ! Let's organize something, we can all go for a drink together :)

Hi Mila,
how can I contact you?



I am an architect-designer Fadi Daoud, previously studied in Moscow schools , my parents were history Professor in Moscow State University then we back to our home land.
Kindly , I need one room to rent it , and good Russian people around me (at the same apartment maybe)
girls or boys no problem because I need to talk Russian with them to get back my Russian language faster .
I am looking for a job .
hope your reply
thank you

Hello Fadi,

Welcome to Expat-Blog!

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- For room rental please post in the Housing section, Properties for rent in Moscow.

- For job seeking you can post your ad in the Jobs section > Jobs in Moscow

Thank you,


Hi Mila,
so, you promise that I won't get bored.
Cool, I want to try it !

Its seems nothing is happening in real here for long time. Anybody out there ?

Hi guys! I love to walk around Moscow, if you too, we can make a company fot each other, please write here or to my email *******************

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Hi OlgaDell, shall we catch-up tomorrow in the evening after 5pm ?

I am desperately looking for English speaking friends.  Write me.

hi ! are you there ?

ok , let's try

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