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Is Ecuador your dreamland? If you are about to expatriate there, we invite you to read the Ecuador expat guide which we have just updated with new articles. We thus wish to help you to better prepare your move and to settle down in the country. You can have a look at the articles by clicking on the following titles:   

Discover Ecuador

Retirement in Ecuador

Visas in Ecuador

Work in Ecuador
Work in Quito
Work in Guayaquil
Work in Cuenca
Setting up a business in Ecuador

Accommodation in Ecuador
Accommodation in Quito
Accommodation in Guayaquil
Accommodation in Cuenca

Health care
Health care in Ecuador

Opening a bank account in Ecuador

Taxes in Ecuador

Transports in Ecuador

Driver's license
Driving in Ecuador

Moving to Ecuador

Phones and internet in Ecuador

Ecuadorian lifestyle: Ama la vida
Traveling to Ecuador with your pet   

If you have already moved to Ecuador, you can as well share your experience with the other members by sending us your comments and suggestions.

You can also write an article in the participative guide  or contact us to participate in the Interview Section.

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The Cuenca Highlife website is an excellent source on happenings in Cuenca and La República.  I check it out at least a few times a week, especially for Ecuador News.

Currently, two articles caught my interest --

Jeff Van Pelt’s comprehensive report on adjusting to life in Ecuador -- including the importance of learning Spanish ... factors that enable some Expats to adjust well, while others do poorly and often leave ... and comments on avoiding the experience of isolation.

I especially liked his recommendation against pontificating to other Expats about how they are ‘guests’ in the ‘host’ country.

The other article is about the jockeying in Ecuador’s presidential race.  Ecuador will vote in its first new president in ten years in early 2017.  We don’t argue politics on this forum, yet it’s only natural that newcomers to Ecuador would be interested in Decision 2017 at least in broad outlines.  Get your EC political fix at ....


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