Companies willing to hire foreigners and sponsor the work permit

M ajay looking for job in abroad.
With visa sponsorship plesae help.

Hi everyone,

@ Ajay, you may drop an advert along with your cv in the Jobs in Kuala Lumpur section of the website so that employers having a vacancy may review your cv.

Also, read the articles in the Work in Malaysia section of the Expat Guide.

For professional services, you will find some contacts in the Jobs in Kuala Lumpur section of the business directory.

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I'm software developer with more than 4 years experience and i'm currently living in Egypt and thinking to relocate in Malaysia, can you give me some help finding a job ?

I live 7 years in Malaysia, currently working at content marketing company, but its not my call.
I have over 12 years experience in banking, finance, administration and marketing. Currently pursuing master degree in Global finance.Holder of bachelor degree in International Economics relations and affairs. I am open for new challenges. Any recommendations will be appreciated. Thanks. :)

Hi to all,

So hard to find a work here in Malaysia if you are a foreigners. Maybe you can help me.. If ever you know a job like, personal driver, company driver, office and merchant trade industry. please let me know. Actually this not for me. My fiance is a German. I'm working in KL and follow me here, and 4 months already here and decided to find a work here in Kl. God bless us all.

Thank You

Anyone who know or you can advise legit work permit agency for expats? Thanking in advance!

May be you upload your resume on, so they will see which company suits your condition & advice you.
You can try the call centers as well. But the salary is not high.

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May I know where are you from?

Hi there
        What kind of job do you hire?may i have your number?

Hi everyone

I am a local married to an indian national for six years
Last year..i went to india to try it out but i lasted a month travelling the country due to the nature of his job.

I just hope that it is easier for him to find a job here

Hello-I am an expat from Canada and presently in Thailand. I work as a business analyst for oil and gas company I will be transferred to our Kuala Lumpur Office.  My question is after completing my medicals etc for Malaysia, how long will it take for my employer to process my work permit, considering all documents are in order. Will it be 4 weeks , 6 weeks?

Thanks a lot for your expert opinion.

Hye there. I'm Kamelya from Malaysia. I really need your help. I have a boyfriend who is foreigner. He lived in Malaysia for 3 years using student visa as he was studied in Segi College University and already graduate last year. He went back to his country after finished his studies then he wanted to come back to Malaysia to see me and perhaps could live in Malaysia again. Oh, yea he will be coming back to Malaysia for convocation in July. So he asked me to find him a job or company who willing to give permit to him so he could stay in Malaysia. But i couldnt find any. I'm having problems with finding a job for him and visa. Please reply this message as soon as possible. Thank you. will appreciate your help.

couldnt find the link

I have 5.6 years international project sales experience in glass field. I am an MBA holder specialised in Finance and marketing. I am in Bahrain past 5.6 years working as project sales executive with valid GCC driving license. I would like to move with better job opportunity. So if you satisfied with me, kindly consider my job application.

I have attached my resume with this mail

Hi Everyone! I am currently looking for better career opportunities here in Malaysia my extensive experience with sales, marketing & customer service in the Hospitality Industry has given me an overall knowledge of the business, directly applicable to your interest in increasing sales and develop products and services. In my previous position was Group Front Office Manager with a local 4star chain hotel in the Philippines.

I am currently working with a local IT Company based here in Petaling Jaya and have an existing Employment Pass. Hoping anyone of you here can help me out or offer any opportunities as I am willing to explore.

Looking forward for your comments and referrals.

Thank you.

Eddon Fajardo
Businessman & Hotelier

Hi how can I be helped to get a job in Malaysia

Hope all of you are good,
I have a question.
According to my stats below (which only for cleaning industry not all) in cleaning services industry, how and where I can get employment.
I'm currently in Kuala Lumpur on a social pass, I'm Pakistani living in Indonesia.

Mar 2013 - Apr 2014
Smart Touch Cleaning Services, UAE
Position: Cleaning Supervisor
May 2014 - Sep 2015
Clean & Shine Building Cleaning Services, UAE Position: Cleaning Supervisor
Sep 2015 - Aug 2016
Trust Maid Building Cleaning Services, UAE
Position: Cleaning Supervisor

Mar 1999
Board of intermediate and secondary education Gujranwala
High School Diploma: Science (Grade: B)

Analytics Certification: Google Inc.
AdWords Mobile Certification: Google Inc.
Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection: RMK The Experts.

Proficient Google Maps & Waze Applications.
Good Communication and Organizational.
Proficient with MS Excel.
Strong Interpersonal Skills.
Fast Leaner and Disciplined.

naeemhashmy - just contact a few cleaning companies or look on Jobstreet for vacancies. Most of the cleaning in condos it outsourced to local Chinese-owned companies, so you will see foreigners like yourself at them with uniforms giving the company name they work for.

If you get an offer of work you have to leave Malaysia while the Foreign Worker Pass is being processed. No spouses or children are allowed to live in Malaysia if you have a FW pass and the maximum age is 45 years. There are medical and other clearances involved, some before re-entering Malaysia and others on arrival.

Check out the Jobs section too - … la-lumpur/

These days I would say it is easier to find work in Penang because it has a large service industry due to it being a tourist location. There are quite a lot of men from Pakistan working there mainly in hotels and F&B. If you make contact with your landsmen they may be able to help you find work. The pay is pretty low but also so are the expenses. So there is enough money to send back home if necessary.

I'm sorry for late reply, I was checking other options.
Sorry to say but most of Pakistani are not willing to help their home country people, instead they try to earn money from them. I checked a lot of companies, they offered job, but not providing work permit. Some companies are selling work permit without jobs and 99% of them are scammer. I guess there is no rules and regulations in Kuala Lumpur regarding companies and workers.
I don't know what possibilities are their for me. If anybody can help please contact me.

I just came across your post you don't have to be specific to any people as even many people have faced same like from fellow country people, it's simple they say we came in abroad to earn money and rest we don't care.

I have been to others countries have seen same similar mindset you need to ignore things, and focus on your path and keep your humanity alive.

You can start with creating your profile in job website , i would says it's hard to get job for foreigner in malaysia but there is always a hope just need to be positive and keep applying to the open position, you never know when you are clicked.

Create your account and post your resume and apply for job, if its best fit current opening then you will be contacted.

here is the list of job portal

Just hope for best and be focused instead of depressed about thinking about what people did what they are doing think what you need to do and how you need to move on.

I know that there are reputable outsourcing Agents in Penang supplying labour to hospitals, hotels, F&B etc. Finding the outsourcers will lead to a job and WP. KL area is the most difficult region to find work so look elsewhere. Don't bother posting your CV as that is not how Foreign workers are hired.  I do now that City Advanced Skill Academy is an outsourcer for F&B "internships - but some people complain about the deductions for accommodation food etc.

Thanks for your reply.
I have resume on these websites. I'm keeping hope but time is running out.
Thanks for motivation.

This is an agency for foreign workers Recently they were looking for 100 cleaning staff.

FW recruitment takes about 2-3 months (you mentioned running out of time so I make you aware of this).

Here is another one -

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help

Dear All,

Anyone know any companies hiring CFO? My boyfriend is a Greek man and he has a permanent residence pass in Malaysia.  An expat, experienced in Corporate Finance, Corporate Planning, broad knowledge of accounting standards and reporting requirements in the banking and finance industry.

Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you,


He could take a look at this -

Thank you, great help!


You are visa agent?

It is NOT true that with a work permit a person can work ANYWHERE in Malaysia.

An employment pass is strictly connected to one employer and if resigning or taking up a new job, the employment pass has to be CANCELLED and the new employer has to apply for a work permit under their company.

Do not be tricked by people who tell you otherwise - it leads to misery.

Remember that you have to be outside Malaysia while the first visa is processed. Indian and some other citizens also require clearances and a Visa with Reference before entering Malaysia.

There are too many offers of FAKE visas where there is either NO JOB, or the employer lures people to arrive in Malaysia and NEVER applies for a work permit. They OVERSTAY their tourist entry visa and can only leave by being DEPORTED and BANNED.

I'm totally agree with you about fake visa, even these so called agencies are not having any registration with government, they always avoid to meet you, they will ask for money first and then no show up.
It's true employment pass is specific to one employer only who apply for your pass, but several people are being trapped in this.
You are doing a great help by giving awareness.
Thank you

hi do you know online teaching

hi, anyone have vacancy that applicable and suitable for Arabic to work in kl/selangor ? like marketing position.i have friend from egypt looking for a job here.

hi im interested with the offer

True! I agree with the same. This I understood from one-month visit visa in Malaysia. The buildings are big that doesn't mean that they are ready to take you IN. And even if we have skills they only prefer locals or PR, EP, Or Malays. The question is how a foreigner can get a job in Malaysia?

Please suggest him the reality of Malaysia. I do like the place but do not give him false information. Do you really know how difficult to get a job for Expat? I am experienced in this that's why I am saying. Even you have right skills and everything they won't HIRE a FOREIGNER. Please show him right direction instead of hiding the truth and giving him wrong directions that's not fair.

Hi do you have any sponsorship Jobs available

hi , I am from Uzbekistan and a 29 aged boy looking för work from Malaysia.  can someone please help me with this?!

Khasan. Depends what type of qualifications you have and what type of job you are looking for.

Hello Gravitas,
I have a academic diploma on clerk but I usually do casual jobs such as marketing.  but if any kind of companies give me opportunities to work there I will do my best . because of being the cityzen of Uzbekistan I can travel to k.l for one month . And my question is how I can find a sponsorship company to employ me . What kind of helps could you give me ?

I am looking forward to hearing from you

sincerely Mr Khasan
Uzbekistan Fergana

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