Got Job Offer in Yanbu [SABIC]-need info from there plz

Hello sir,
                I have got a job offer from SABIC ibn rushd at yanbu as grade 12 instrument engineer.The salary structure is 11000 BAsic+family housing by company+1000 SAR for transport.
my wife is a school teacher for maths and science and daughter is in playschool.
Kindly let me know of the following points:
1) Family life in yanbu restrictions on women/job opportunities
2) cost of living
3)Life for non muslims
4) WOrk culture of SABIC if you know
5) Is my offer good enough so that my basic expenses are covered and i am able to save some money also.
6) Mine is a two years mutually extendable contract so will it be renewed what is the trend there
7) connectivity to india is direct and how much time it takes to reach delhi aprox.
Thanks and regards,

Hello Ankur,

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Dear sir,
Iam prem from bangalore.. soon will join SABIC Yanbu.. Hope you still work there. Please provide ur contact number and share ur exp..


Hi Prem,

Welcome to

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