Relocation to King Abdullah Economic city

I'm offered a job in an engineering company in power sector.

I have 22 years of experience in engineering and offered the post of Head of Engineering.

The package includes:

The basic salary will be $5,000 USD per month
Allowances will be $1,300 USD per month (these include housing, transportation, travel)
Additionally, the company will pay other expenses, including Visa, Medical test for Visa, Ticket for joining, Iqama, Exit visa, Family, Medical, End of service and GOSI (2% basic salary + housing allowance).  These amount to $800 USD per month

Please help me with the following:
1. Furnished apartment rent : 2BR/1BR
2. Transportation / travel cost: own/taxi
3. Other living expenses

Thanks in advance.

Didyou get this job offer from monster

It is direct from company.




I am after the same type of information. Did you happen to get any replies or further information that you could share
I can't seem to find any websites with property listings for KAEC
Many Thanks

you have 22 years of experience
I think the salary is low
if you can negotiate to make it higher

I also recieved the Job offer from similar type of Industry. Stilll thinking about the personal life conditions within KAEC. As daily updwon from Jeddah is not practically possible, it take approx 1.5 hours (Distance 129Kms approx).

I have a school going child so would also like to know about the schools.

Please share your experience, if got something


I've driven from Jeddah to KAEC and sorry to say but it's tiring even though I sipped a lot of coffee to be awake but still the long drive doesn't help.

And specially everyday driving to and fro 200 kms is a lot and you gotta take away 2 hours for that.

I'd suggest residing inside KAEC,  I've got the photos of the current available suites,  will upload it here.

Hi gunner757 ,

Can you please post here about the living possibility in KAEC. what type of accommodations are available and their ranges?

Hi Syed,
Housing is expensive as it's currently being developed by Emaar so a beachside apartment would have skyrocketing prices 😄😂

Below is the apartment that's currently full constructed and available to rent.

Prices start from 9,000 SR Per Month


Do you have any idea if there are cheaper apartments in KAEC around 5k?

Nothing as of now , but new apartments are being constructed which are no by the beach side , so for sure they're gonna be cheaper !

Wondering why this post is listed as Riyadh as KAEC is closer to Jeddah

stressedmom :

Wondering why this post is listed as Riyadh as KAEC is closer to Jeddah

It seems the OP chose "Riyadh" while submitting his query on the forum !!

Hello everyone,

I need a big favour from you. I am being offered a Property Manager’s post directly from KAEC, and I am deciding to relocate from Dubai.

I would like to seek your personal opinion and advice in terms of how is the family social life out there in KAEC, as well as growth opportunities and overall work experience. I will be relocating with my wife and a 2 year old daughter, we are Pakistani by origin, and are Muslim.

Would relocating from Dubai be a wise decision keeping overall package aside for a moment in terms of growth and opportunities perspective only? Is accommodation affordable at KAEC? If not, would it mean I need to struggle driving from Jeddah? I hear there are no hospitals in KAEC, is that true?

How much on average should I keep aside living cost per month for a family of 3?

Happy to hear your views?


Hello Dannyal,

Congratulations for the new assignments.For your query please find my answers here:

Social life in KAEC is good and not a typical Saudi Arab style life because of mostly expats (including Westerners) living in the City but still you can't compare it with teh Dubai. You have all basic necessities available inside city like 1 supermarket, few restaurants but still for major things you need to visit jeddah which should not be a big deal to travel once every month or every 2 weeks.

For accommodation they have
(1) sea View apartments
(2) Marina Bay 1, 2, & 3
both 1 & 2are next to sea beach and hence costly and already occupied by the employees. Marina is  cheaper compared to sea view and you can check for any available flats in it. It has all types (Studio, 1BR, 2Br, 3BR)
other than this there are 2 more ready called Al-Shurooq & AL-Waha far from the sea beach and much cheaper.
In the offer they usually give an allowance called move to kick which you can't take as cash but you can use in paying your HRA and is usually enough for almost 2 year of rent (Again it depends which type of flats you choose). I recommend if you can get flats in Marina that will be best as it's semi furnished the only thing you need is furnitures.

There is a school inside city "The World Academy" obviously it will be costly compared to other school and there is a hospital as well inside KAEC at least good for basic & First AID if not for everything :-)

Hope I am able to answer your query.

Thank you so much Syedalam; appreciate you taking time to provide a very comprehensive response.

I have few more queries, shall post it here soon.

Takecare and Ramadan Kareem !

You are welcome with any queries at any time.

Ramadan Kareem..!!

Hey Gunner77, Andy here. Thanks for sharing that picture. Looks awesome. Is the any websites we can use to browse for renting an apartment or townhouse or anything in KAEC? Im moving with my family to Rabigh compound or private home in KAEC and id appreciate any help

I just want to know who ever is being employed in THE WORLD ACADEMY SCHOOL in KAEC . Are their salaries paid monthly on time . 
please let me know ...

There is no delay in salary and it will be credited by 25th of every month

Salam thank you soo much  for your reply
Are u sure there is no delay ?
is it ur personal experience ,as one of the review I read about  TWA was very negative . And please let me know whether it is a good place to work .

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