Trying to get a job

Hi everyone

Iam originally from Trinidad&Tobago. From the penal rock road area , I and my family want to move back to Trinidad to live and Iam trying to get a job but don't know how to go about it  or which companies are hiring

A good thing if you are able to do it would be to set up your own business as there is always room for new businesses
but that takes capital and a unique product to sell or service that you can provide. Farming has alot of government incentives will you have a property to move to or will you be looking to buy etc lots of factors to be considered what are you qualified to do you have not said.

Totally agree with Rillo there.
If you could not find a job, why not put up your own business wherein you could totally be in control.
Recently, Personal Development industry is gradually booming with a lot less capital needed. If you are interested I could share with you some information regarding this business opportunity.

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