sell up here and move to mexico

Hi I'm currently living in the uk but have a mexican partner, I'm looking to sell up here and move to mexico, is it easy to settle there, buying houses? Work? Your feed back would be grateful as I don't know where to start

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the web and expats living in mexico is a start, easy to move, not so easy to pick where! cant work without visa. take your time to buy, rent is reasonable, thank goodness for web!

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How adaptable are you?
Do you speak some Spanish?  Without it life can be tiresome.
At coastal areas summer heat  and humidity can be unbearable for some.
Rent for a start!!! Get to know which area you like best.
Unless you have a special qualification work will not be easy to find, and, unless you have a permit could be impossible.

You might want to look up Deborah Mackay and Malcom Topping. Deborah made the move from the U.K. a few years ago and would understand your particular situation. She is with Viva Campeche real estate. You may not want to look in Campeche, but I'm sure she would be glad to tell you about other resources. She would also be helpful with what to do first when selling and moving out of the U.K.

I am ex UK and live in Puerto Vallarta

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