working conditions for doctors in Libya

I recently got an offer for post of chest physician from St. James Hospital in Libya (monthly sal.3500 to 4000 euros). Is it good ? How are the working conditions in Libya at present? plz. do help me.
I am currently residing in India. How is the working environment for Indian doctors?
what are the other factors that i need to ask about? Is the sufficient for saving?

I am not sure about the salary packages for doctors but from what you are telling me the range is all over the place.

The government hospitals also hire some doctors and nurses but the salaries there are very low.

You need to check what is included in the package.

They should give you:
Decent furnished accomodation
Return air fare for yourself and family atleast once per year. Minimum one month annual vacation, as per Libyan law.
Schooling costs for children, if any.
Company vehicle or transport allowance to cover commuting costs.

If all this is covered you will need (depending on your prefernces and family size etc) around 1000 - 2000LD per month to cover living expenses in Tripoli.

Hope this helps.


thanks for your quick and helpful reply.

hi! what are the benefits of doctors if hired under Ministry of Health in LIBYA??

aside from Basic there desert allowance? risk allowance? housing? percentage increase per year? furniture allowance?

i hope someone answer my querries...thank you...


what are the benefits included aside from your basic salary?

hope you share because I have an offer in MOH Libya...

Perks: mobile telephone with local sim card and a monthly allowance of lyd (libyan dinars) 40.00.

Benefits: medical insurance covering treatment in libya and malta including medical evacuation.

Transport: transport is provided by the hospital, to and from work, to and from the airport and for other requirements as necessary for the professional execution of the job responsibilities.

Accommodation: They were not anticipating that the doctor would be moving to Libya together with his family. They provide full accommodation for the individual in our ‘residence’ which houses most of our expatriates. The accommodation is serviced by a full time cook and a full time cleaning lady. If the doctor is requesting to come over with his family, then they would need to find alternative premises and this would of course come at a cost. 

Overtime: Hospital does not pay overtime, however they will be able to incentivise the doctor that for any extra examinations performed out of hours, he will receive an additional fee per examination performed.

Salary review: This will be reviewed following the first 12 months of operation and if work is on the increase, then a wage improvement may be considered based on performance of the department and of the doctor in particular.

Provision to extend contract if any for the doctor
Hospital will add a clause such that the contract will be automatically extended for a further 12 month period unless either party serves a termination notice 6 weeks in advance from the expiry date of the contract.

Schooling for children: There is a good indian school very close by to our base and the schooling goes up to ‘o’ level (12th grade) standard. Schooling is not expensive. Indian colleagues there will be more then happy to assist us with any organisational requirements and support in this regard.

thanks for reply....hope some doctors under MOH Libya share their benefits and experiences....thanks...:/

Hello Siddiqui / Newzolt

Thanks for the information; this forum will soon become hot topic of discussion as many more like me here wants to know more about Medical Jobs and oppournities in Libya.

Can any one of you throw some light on -------------

1.Overseas Doctors Jobs in Ministry of Health Libya ---- Its Advantage & Disadvantages

2. How is the recruitment procedure -- is it done in our country or througt some agencies. (There are many fake one's out there)

3. How to confirm if it  is really genuine recruiter.

Thanking You

Hoping for a response

Any info on education facilities and quality of education for Indian kids in Libya, for Primary 6 and 9th class students? How is social environment for family there?


I need to run this moment...perhaps I can give some feedback here

The salary they offer you is what they will offer for Indian nationals, as it is not a big hospital, they have just one general ward I believe.

See coming from an urban background, a high life style, this country would tame you to simmer down, if simple living high thinking is ur game, then do proceed.

Working conditions for doctors, varies from place to place, some doctors I believe cannot stand any shit(if any)leave, some not capable-asked to leave.

Accomodation for one individual, means you sharing room with other doctors/technicians, it's not fun to be living in shared accomodation when u hold a decent post, you are not a basic labour(choice is yours)
Getting your single accomodation on your own is no joke here, i do believe they trust married couples only or perhaps partners, hence it is the responsibility of the hospital to provide you family or single accomodation.

If you want to take a place on your own, then lets say for single person, I go to barest minimum, 1000-15000 dinar for housing(small flat, one room two room in a decent area, where be prepared to do whole lot of renovation on your own or live the way they offer), unless you choose to go further away, outskirts of the city.

MOH doctor salaries too vary according to your position and capability.
The package every individual is offered is depenent on what position you are taking, and the same level doctor from a western country will get more, keeping in mind thier currency structure, and your qualification if any from a well known international institute makes a fluctuation in your package once again.

Incentives offered won't be a big deal if you do overtime, you can only do a certain amount in a certain period of such side incentives should not hold value. 'State of Mind'

I'm afraid, that if you are looking for Indian standard education, in a good institute or school, that standard certainly is not here yet, apart from an international school, which for certain if the hospital does not provide and goes from your pocket, you are then sitting on a rocket  with no security straps!

Tiny children, for few years is ok, mid schooling, higher schooling, you may consider if you have a choice it would be education in India.

How to confirm your recruiter....
From ministry of labour, one can find out whether this hospital is genuine or not, its capacity etc (I guess this building is in Delhi) Do your homework back home too, it is very important!

And why get in fake hands? If you are paying them for your services, you pay after the contract is done, or you reach your destination. (a signed contract from the company/agent gives you stronger ground to deal with them if they cheat you) Some legal document, of the payment you may have provided to agent, to keep you safe.

If you have been interviewed, I see no ground of it being fake, and why you pay anything here?

You simply cannot compare education of singapore to this place, it is still behind, yes there is an international school which is upto the mark, and perhaps someone else can guide you here regarding this.
As for social environment, one gets tamed here, do or die LOL, you cannot have ur ways in another land, hence you have to respect their ways somewhere, You can go out for dinners, one or two places for outing, perhaps the beach if you like, once again beaches vary here, hence some beach lover will guide you here if possible.
Clothing sense has to be tamed, you cannot have a loud lifestyle here (Harakiri). Nightlife is 'Sayonara'
What if they are offering it here, but do not want to offer it to you, or partly offer these perks then?? Do you plan to sue them or debate on this issue and say the doctors are getting it there why not me?
It is best to ask what you think is right, to the company or the agent you are dealing with, If you are in the habit of giving into being trampled/exploited the choice is yours not theirs!
These points that u mention, are to be discussed across the table not of getting info and fighting...ask for your rights, come to a common point of acceptance simple.

Rest what Siddiqui has mentioned, are valid points to ponder!


Ps: Dont make the mistake of taking responsibility of getting your own accomodation, one never knows when they ask you to leave, or perhaps you don't agree, it's not cheap here, they are still in the learning process of how to do business in a balanced manner. The prices of most of the things will match with uk/usa currency and yet the quality not upto the mark from any corner.

If you understand saudi/dubai currency/standard...triple it simple!

From curtains to beds etc you invest and finally in a short span it could be goodbye, so be sensible!

Hello Everyone,
i was planng to take up a job offered in the city of Benghazhi under the Ministry of health.Are there any Indian doctors working in any of the ministry hospitals right now who could give me an insight into the working and living conditions there as of now?i have two children aged 3 and it feasible for a family to benefit from working there?In short will it be worth the effort?!

newzolt :

Schooling for children: There is a good indian school very close by to our base and the schooling goes up to ‘o’ level (12th grade) standard. Schooling is not expensive. Indian colleagues there will be more then happy to assist us with any organisational requirements and support in this regard.

Depends on what your expectations of a 'good' school are :)

kindly help me needed some information regarding the cost of housing and educational cost for elementary student for filipinos living in libya thnk u vry much

hi  im looking for doctors recruitment in libya  can u plz help me out..

Recently i got an offer as a doctor in Tobruk Medical centre with salary of 2500 LD.
Kindly inform me regarding working conditions over there? Are there any problems for foreign doctors in Tobruk with respect to Safety and other issues?
One more thing recently i heard that there is a salary issue of doctors going on for some past months period, is it true that doctors are not being provided with their salaries ?

ya laepng2012 is right ... besides working and living conditions cant be guaranteed in terms of safety... i am in libya and now stuck here...

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