Expats Meetings in RECIFE

Hi Everyone! Hope to find and involve all the fellow expats in Recife to join and start meeting up! Lets have a meet and greet at a Bar/Pub for one of the World Cup Games! Its great to form a community/network to help each other out and have great times together!



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Did anyone ever get in touch and do something?

I may be about 2 years too late but I'm thinking December this year would be a good time to meet up. I still haven't met any fellow gringos! Don't get me wrong I fricken love Brazilians! After all I married one but I'd like to also get to know some english speaking people too!

Hi Gringodom,

Yes indeed this thread is quite old, however, do not hesitate to create a new topic on the Recife forum, it could get you some responses  :)


If any meeting occuring in the Recife area, you can count me in!

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