Car Transfer because of Exit from Old Company and Entry to a Company

I've got my new 2014 Hyundai Accent and it is 11 months old. I loved the car and wanted to keep it. Unfortunately, I will leave my company this End of June, 2014 and they will send me back to my home country with a final exit visa. I have found another employer who  wants to get me back ASAP and that they will issue a new visa for me. I went to alyusr to inform them about my situation , since I am planning to go back in the Kingdom after a month and would like to keep my car with me and will continue to pay my monthly bill with them, I told them that I will be back in Riyadh after a month with a new visa and if possible to just pay in advance the car so that I will not have any overdue payment. I told Alyusr representative that I can present a proof that I will be back in Riyadh like (New Visa and Letter from my new employer) Alyusr representative said, I have to transfer my car (which I understand, due to it might hinder my exit in the immigration). I have to pay 1000 SAR admin ownership tranfer Fee and 200 SAR for filipino only for address verification. I have found a friend who is willing to take the car temporarily and when I get back we will do the same process of transferring the vehicle and would cost me again another 1000 SAR and 200 SAR...  Has there been anyone here who have the car and had a final exit and return with a new visa and did not transfer there vehicle and did not get any issue of exiting?

hmmm...the guy might be playing (a little) with you or just trying to be careful and sure for your return...because basically, the CAR should be under the company's (Al Yusr) name, and you're just an authorized driver for it - considering your standing contract with them...better check the car's registration...and you will see the arabic entity to which the ownership of the car belongs to...(it should be just above your name).

If it is so, you can just have a trusted buddy to get an authorization (to drive) your car....and keep it safe while you're gone.

Thanks Popolocroix for that great heads up...

Indeed it is under Alyusr's name... Because when I got a cheque from another insurance company (had a little accident) they named it under Alyusr and I have to go to their main branch and present the cheque from amana and they issued me alyusr cheque.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the Rep in Alyusr also said that I can make a 3 months advance payment, however, he also mentioned that I might get hold in the immigration if found out that I have an existing car with them and that my visa is final exit. That is why he recommends to transfer the vehicle instead.

I am still puzzled, because if I can go on final exit without transferring my car to another person and just continue the regular payment and come back after a month or two then just update my information to them and would cost me only 200 SAR, rather than transferring the vehicle and pay 1200 SAR every transfer of ownership (hastle).

I am only afraid if I will not transfer the ownership of my car, the immigration will not let me fly out of the country, and that I will incur more expenses for flight rebooking and overstaying.

:-( he says (is he a filipino rep?) that you "might get hold in the immigration" means, it's really not true (and offering the 3 months advance payment)...he's just not taking any chances in thinking that you might just run away from your obligation...

i have a friend who just went for exit last march 2014 maybe, and his car, i believe, is still not yet fully paid in the same company (alyusr). he didn't sold or transfer the car to another owner...because as it is, "the owner is Al Yusr" and not the person (you). they can easily change the istimara (and registered driver) even when you're not here...

my friend is supposed to be back anytime within this month.

The rep is I think a Sudanese...hmmmm... that sounds good... I actually have all the papers ready to submit to alyusr for transfer... however, if it is true that I can go on exit without transferring the ownership, I guess I will have that option... then I will just request the authorization from alyusr for my friend to drive my car...

Thanks much Popolocroix... I highly appreciate your concern... God Bless!

Hi ronmartz. It so happen that we have nearly the same problem. I just want to ask if you did not experience any problem like holding you or what in the immigration when you went for a final exit even if you still have an existing car lease in Al Yusr Installment Co.?

Ronmartz :

The rep is I think a Sudanese...hmmmm... that sounds good... I actually have all the papers ready to submit to alyusr for transfer... however, if it is true that I can go on exit without transferring the ownership, I guess I will have that option... then I will just request the authorization from alyusr for my friend to drive my car...

Thanks much Popolocroix... I highly appreciate your concern... God Bless!

are you back already??

I need feedback regarding your personal experience with Al Yusr installment as I am planning to have my car (Kia) finance through they have grace period for late payments?

will the car be released through them or through Kia showroom?

I got mine from Al Yusr.. Easy requirements as long as your documents are complete. Regarding the car, Kia will release your car at the specific showroom and there is an employee of Al Yusr there to assist you as well.

how long it took you to receive the car from your application?

Less than 2 weeks.. it took 7 days for us.. since you need to go first to the showroom, submit the application. Go to Al Yusr Branch for contract signing. Wait for 2-3 days, they will submit it to Moroor and once you received an SMS from TAMM, you can get your car.

so what happened? were you able to leave KSA on exit visa with AL Yusr leased car under your name?

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Hi reesemicah... i was able to exit the ksa without any question having my car not transfered. And now i am back in riyadh after 8 months, i was paying the alyusr through online bank transfer of payments for until dec. And since i just got back feb 28 i have 3 months delayed and i am planning to pay it later...

Hello guys, can you help me for a simple request. do among you know the contact number of a person from AL Yusr Installment Co. especially a filipino kabayan. I appreciate for your help to my request. thank you and have a good day to all!  :)  :cheers:  :gloria

For those who are under Al Yusr installment and wish to transfer their lease contract to another person, here is my experience..hope this helps

The requirements for the new person who will continue the contract is almost the same when you applied for the lease except for the fees involved:

- COE (with chamber if private and must be at least 5000 SAR salary).  Important thing to note here is the date of COE must be at least one month old and name of position must reflect as written in your Iqama.
- House contract - if you are not the holder, include iqama copy of the owner.
- Bank statement
- Transfer fee 1200
- Downpayment (depends on what they asked during the approval, in our case we were asked to pay two months as DP)
- The car must be minimum 6 months old paid.

We processed the application in Al Yusr Malaz Main branch.  Both of you must be present when you submit the requirements and new applicant will fill up the application form.  For larger companies, it will take at least 3 days for the result.  For small, we were told, will take a week or so to finalize the result.  In our case, we submitted Thursday and result came in Sunday so it was quick. 

Upon approval, go to the Al Yusr and pay the fees required.  Upon payment, owner will sign the contract and at that moment on, istemara will be under the name of the new owner and also both of you will receive the TAMM SMS.   New owner will be issued the driving permission also.  Note that the name in the istemara card will still bear the original name as it will only be change to the new name upon renewal.  But it is actually registered and transferred to the new person.

If you need clearance, you can request and receive it after 3 days.  SIMAH update is every 11th of the month.  If you want to be cleared to SIMAH before this date, take the clearance yourself to SIMAH office in Abdulaziz  road near SACO and Extra.


Hi sir, good day. I was on the same situation as you and i was able to come back here in KSA without transferring the car before I went for final exit. Now, i want to transfer the car under my new iqama. I suppose you've done that. May I ask what the requirements were and also the procedures you followed? Thanks, man.

Hi iDrich,

Good day!

It is good to know that you're back in KSA and still have your car...

Anyhow, the first thing I did is to update my drivers license to Dallah Driving School. I brought with me a copy of my passport, new iqama, Salary Certificate, and 2 photos passport size. I had my eye checked and paid 50 SAR in the same center and some amount for the license itself as it depends on how many years you will have it valid. They ask me to do the test drive again, and after I passsed, I just waited for 10 minutes and my new license was released.
Secondly, I went to al yusr and the procedure was like you are transferring your car to another person where in fact the other person is still me. The only difference is that you will not pay any advances, but make sure you don't have any over dues. They ask me to register again online just like you are buying again a new car. Then they let me fill out the current company location and accommodation form and made some sketches (the usual requirement of buying/lease to own a new car). They also ask me to let my company sign an agreement that they will not send me on exit unless I paid the car in full. They will be needing again Salary and accommodation Certificate, since I was living with a family friend I ask a letter testifying that I am living in their flat get a copy of his IQAMA. I paid for 200 SAR for documentation and they will call someone whom I declared as reference person in the application form from the Philippines. After a few days, someone from Auto Star where I bought my car contacted me and went to my office to verify information. And after a week I was summoned to the Alyusr main office to complete the transfer by signing some documents from old iqama to new iqama information, again I paid another 200 for the documentation.

I hope the above information is helpful...


Hello. Thanks for the quick and very helpful response.

I already got past the driving license part so I will be in that part where I should go to the leasing company. I didn't expect it though that it is going to be that complicated. Anyway, I will visit the leasing company and try my luck to have it processed quickly. Thanks, man. Cheers.

How did you do it? I resigned my company last May 2015 and I am currently for final exit and still have the car under my name. Me and my friend issued the transfer application since June 2015 but until now I am not clear with Alyusr. My previous employer could not give me an exit visa because of this issue.

Hello Ronmart, this is my first time to transfer car ownership.  I know that you came back already for a new company.  You made mentioned that you paid 1000 SAR for Admin Ownership Transfer and where did you do such arrangement.  This 200 SAR for address verification what is this also and how I can go about it.

Thank you for giving us details for what you have been through.  It is really an eye opener to everyone.

Thank you for your kind assistance to my queries.


What is the your status now??

Ronmatz, just to clarify were u really able to exit without any problem? even without transferring your car to other person? i plan to do the same also next month.

you cant go exit unless you transferred your car, so better fix your car first before terminating your contract.  I experienced this last September.

@sonicx what specifically they told u in the airport? or what really happen? are you from al yusr or abdul latif jameel car lease?

my company cant secure my exit visa from MOI because i still have my name as co-owner of the car, my car is from KIA from Taajeer leasing, good thing my friend accepted to transfer the car to him.  Better transfer it now to avoid trouble and headache in the future.

sonicxz06[/b], could you advise please how much the charges incurred for transferring not fully paid (installment) KIA Rio car to a friend in AL TAAJEER CO.? Thanks

you need to pay 3000 transfer charges

Hi i hope someone can help me. I am about to go exit but MOI reflects that there is a car under my name, its under installment- al yusr. Is it possible to transfer to my husband who is also authorized driver of the car? my concern is after reading your comments  will it take about a weeķ to process though the same person will pay for it. Will they require us to pay transfer fee or will there be a need to valid since we are married couple. Hope someone can help as I need to final exit this week.

I'm here in Khobar, this is my current situation right now. I was terminated but can't secure exit visa because of my car. I found already a buyer. Actually I will shoulder the down payment in which the buyer should pay, because I really want to go home. The processing is almost a month now. What makes me worry is, the buyer told me that it must be finished this week because next week he will be transferred to other place. It seems like I will be back to zero again if this happens.

The persons from ANB doesn't update you for the status. They said they will call but didn't. Like for example they needed 1 document and I only knew it when I went there for updates. I never realized this took so long in transferring ownership of a car. My family back home is hungry already. My company doesn't want to release my final settlements unless the car is cleared.

My buyer already signed the contract. We already submitted all necessary documents (i hope so). May I know what will be the next procedure and how long more will it takes. We haven't paid yet any fees. I am hardly praying that this will be settled soon 'coz I've been waiting for more than 1 month now and feeling depressed already. I hope someone will help me personally with this. I will appreciate it very much.

Thank you

Based on what I know, ANB is lousy in settling the car ownership matters. I guess the only way is to visit them again and again, and try to see their manager to request expedition. 4-5 weeks is long enough if all documentation and payments are complete.

If you signed the contract it is already sent for approval. From my experience, if you have credit card or loan under ur name, you need to cancel it.
Meet the department manager and explain him the situation. Stress on the point that you have waited enough and your deadline from the guy is of one week.

Thanks for the advise. I went there again this morning. The documents which I have submitted last Monday in Dammam was just received in Riyadh only yesterday. I was advised again to follow up on Monday. The bank personnel in Riyadh said they will call my buyer once its approved. I already paid the fees and downpayment even it is still under process (as per advised from bank in dammam).

May I know what will be the next step once it is approved by the bank.


It's a good thing that I avoided the offers of availing credit cards eversince.

gideon300 :

May I know what will be the next step once it is approved by the bank.

Go to them on Monday morning.

Hi, how long did it took once you've submitted all the documents to ANB?

what happen to your application Mr.Gideon?.. i submitted also my application last thursday(22 dec 2016) until now we dont recieve any call from them...

could anybody give us any idea on how many days or week it will took to transfer car. as i need to go exit on 16 jan 2017

i have the same situation. I am for exit then come back with new visa/employer . Now al yusr wants me to put the car in their warehouse while i am not here and pay 1 month advance and and everyday rent of their warehouse which is 40sr per day. Do you guys have the same situation?

iDrich :


Hi sir, good day. I was on the same situation as you and i was able to come back here in KSA without transferring the car before I went for final exit. Now, i want to transfer the car under my new iqama. I suppose you've done that. May I ask what the requirements were and also the procedures you followed? Thanks, man.

Sir, did al yusr asked you to leave the car in their warehouse and pay 40sr per day ?

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