Gluten free in Cairo?

Hello all! I'm new to, but will be moving to Cairo this fall to teach at an international school. I have a gluten allergy (Celiac) and was wondering if there are particular stores that sell gluten free products? Or particular places to order from to have gluten free items delivered to my flat? I'd also be interested in any gluten free restaurant suggestions. Thanks!

i don't think so :/

For anyone who is curious, these are links I found while searching online for gluten free and Egypt: … ies-cairo/ … uten-free/ … 5UB7JSwIke … -k1254575/

While definitely not comprehensive, these offer me some hope that I will be able to find some gluten free options in Egypt.

Good job finding all the info above. I'm orig from Egypt and I've been living in the US for the past 25 years ( so NYC is home now ) I visit Egypt at least once every 5 years. My 6 year old has severe allergies from wheat, barley, eggs, dairy products, nuts, fish/shelfish, and peanuts. When we go to Egypt we usually buy enough stuff for the month we are staying in Egypt. Usually from cheap places like Amazon and trader's Joes. The gluten free spaghetti at traders joe goes for a buck and 29 cents and it tastes so good. They also carry amazing gluten free Orio cookies and gluten fee bread called udi'sthat is the price of regular bread. Amazon had this amazing gluten free flour that we use to bake cookies and cakes.  Don't forget the gluten free cereal in most markets . Maybe you can buy enough for the whole year ( look at the exp date ) and save the stuff in the fridge/ deep frezeer or in plastic containers ( you gotta becarful with the ants in Egypt. It's cheaper, safer , and a lot of times you cant find what you are looking for in Egypt. Also don't trust any  gluten free restaurant in Egypt ( mistakes happen ).
Good luck to you in Egypt and please share your experience with us because we are thinking of visiting next year.

Best regards

You may find some imported gluten free products at inflated prices in the supermarket s - large ones like carrefour.
but items for people with food intolerances are not readily available.
I wouldn't trust any product made in Egypt to be honest or any restaurant that said they made gluten free food.
to be honest the 3 things I wouldn't want to be in Egypt are coeliac, lactose intolerant or allergic to nuts (or allergic yo anything mainstream really) - very difficult to avoid anything as the culture here.  is lackadaisical and dish9nest really.
thry will tell you what you want to hear - and if they make a mistake - np!

in maadi, kimo market and mariam market in degla area near victoria square.


I also have celiac, I would highly recommend you bring a stock with you of flour and pasta (I do that when I go home and come back to Cairo), otherwise, you have Seoudi supermarket that has a German gluten free  brand :Schol" , they sell flour, cereals, biscuits and pasta, the price is high, a pack of chocolate biscuits costs in the 30s or 40s (Egyptian Pounds).

Other than that I think there is a shop off Shehab street in Mohandeseen that specializes in gluten free items, however there are no restaurants in Cairo that are designed for people with this condition
That might help, I am not really sure, i didn't read the page.
If you have another questions ,....that I might know, feel free to ask.

yes we have a great store for gluten free products here is the link. They Deliver too.

Hello! My 8 yrs old son is allergic to wheat too. Its so hard to find a bakery shop or a reataurant that offer wheat free products :( we are always on a hunt for the german brand Schar on all super markets in Cairo since sometimes we are lucky and may find wheat free toast and yummy biscuits and waffers. But we are not always lucky.

Gourmet Egypt
Royal House Supermarket
Nature’s Gifts Stores
Health Harvest Store
Bio Shop
Alfa Market

You can find gluten free products in the above places just facebook or google search the names and you'll find the address's for them.

There is an Egyptian company that sells really good gluten free flour. It's so good that we take some extra with us back to the states on our way back.  If you like; you can try to bake some biscuits for him your self. It's hard in the beginning, but once you get used to it you will be making even pita bread and even pasta.  If you're interested let me know and I'll ask my wife the name of the product and the easy recipe.

Good luck

Thanks alot. We already checked Alfa and gourmet. Products are really scarce. Sunny market has lots of gluten free flours but zero ready made biscuits or pasta.

We will try to check the other stores. Thanks

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