Realistic travel time swieqi, St. Paul's bay and sliema

Hi I'm trying to get my head around where to chose to live in malta that would suit for kids schooling and work which will be in mosta . could anyone give me a realistic idea of travel time to get from sliema, St. Paul's bay and swieqi  to mosta by car, I have googled it but of course that does not  allow for traffic!!!
Any advise is much appreciated .

How long does the bus take from St. Paul's to st juliens


Anything from 20 mins to infinity - depends on time of day and traffic - but my husband travels from St. Paul bay to sliema daily

Thanks for reply .

Im working in St Julians, and are driving from Xemxija St Pauls to St Julians daily.

I usually leave around 7am, and i am at work 7.30 or so.

Sometimes it can take littlebit longer due to car crashes, work on the roads etc.

Thanks for your reply

Very helpful

Mosta is a lovely place to stay, why not look there?

Also it should be said any answer to this question is completely pointless at this point.  One of - if not the - biggest junctions in Malta is being worked on for 18 months and roads in all the areas you mention will carry the brunt of the traffic.

You could probably multiply by 2 whatever you're told and still be wrong, definitely consider Mosta or to the west of it

First closures will be in July and will bring hell to San Gwann and Swieqi and no doubt knock on to Naxxar etc

I cant see how the traffic from coastal road to St Julians will be impacted by the Kappara works, propably the traffic from St Julians towards Kappara etc, otherwise it should be relative good.

When the busiest road in the country just close. Where do cars go? Through all the surrounding and en-route roads

He might have luck as he wants to to mosta and so from the east he will be ahainst the usual flow so should be better

But looking at the roads they have been resurfacing the last few weeks - those are the ones who will carry the traffic - even small roads in swiqi will struggle :(

volcane is right, the road works they are doing now to facilitate the Kappara project are already wreaking havoc on the traffic. Buses are taking crazy detours, many roads with just one lane, etc. everyone at my work place fears what will happen come July...

What buses are taking detours from St Pauls Bay to St Julians currentl;y as the thread starter asked?

Mosta can propably be affected some way, but traffic from St Pauls is currently uneffected and propably will be aswell, if you are going to St Julians and not further.

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