English mother tongue children playgroup???

my daughter is 4 years old now and I am the only one speaking English to her, whilst she's getting her Italian from school and everyone else around her. She was born in Australia, but we then moved here shortly after her birth, so she is mostly Italian mother tongue now, although she understand everything I say to her in English. I would like her to meet and play with English mother tongue children of her age. If anyone out there shares the same concerns or is aware of such playgroup, I'd be happy to get involved.

Hi, try
it's an english magazine and they have information cover in this area. Good luck!

Hi. Do you need an english-speaking babysitter for your child? I can be of help.

I'm a mom with a son (3) and daughter (1). We will be moving to Milan in mid-July and are from the USA. I am just trying to find some play groups for my kids. Would love to get together when we arrive!

it would be great to meet up. what area will you be living in?
if you want you can email me in private sarafranciastudio[at]

hello mommysanders, I did not hear back from you, did you get my message?

Hi !!!
I'm looking for a mother tongue english playgroup for my kids !
I've 2 little girls (6 and 5 years) and a boy (3 years old).
I'm Italian, my husband is Irish and we live in Milan (city centre).
My kids speak a good english, but i would love them to practise a bit more !
Any helps or ideas ?

happy to meet up! my girl is 4 years old, she was born in Australia. I speak to her in English and I would love for her to practise a little bit of English with other English speaking children. Email me in private sarafranciastudio[at]


You can also email me if you wish to get together. Your girls are older than my kids, but you son may enjoy playing with my son who is also 3. You can email me at sanders.sarahm[at]


I have seen online there is an English speaking playgroup for Mom and tots. Here is some info:

Meetings are every Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10am-12pm in Sant'Ambrogio Church. Every session of Moms and Tots closes with a sing-along in English.

Hope this helps :)

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Looking for English mother tongue kids IN MILAN, my two kids can play with. Mine are 5 and 4, italians, but they have spent their entire life in Botswana, an English speaking country.
Also it can help to know if there are places in Milan proposing activities for kids in English. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR AN ENGLISH COURSE.
Thank you very much.
We just came back 2 weeks ago. I would like to practise too if there is some mother available...
I would be glad to host playgroup.

Hi, I am looking for the same. Maybe we can help eachothers.

I might be interested. Can you write down your contact details please? Thanks. Giulia

Hi, I am looking for the same. Let's help eachothers. Mine are 5 and 4. I live in PIAZZA LORETO

Hi I just joined and have the same issue: I have 15 months and 4 years old boys raised completely bilingual. I'm looking for English mother-tongue kids to meet up and play in the afternoon.
I'm not far from loreto...!!

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Let's meet! Availaible from November the 1st.
Giulia ++++

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I came across your add and I was wondering if your still looking for others mom's to arrange a playdate.

Hope to hear from you soon


My Kids are 5 And 6. We Live in Piazzale Loreto, Milano.
They are italian but we spent 5 years in Botswana so they speak English too.
Let' s meet

Hi there,

I just got back from USA and I am looking for an English playdate/playgroup for my 3 yo son. Someone can help me?

Buongiorno, I am an English native speaker and I live in Venice (Treviso). I am looking for an English teaching job / baby sitting. Please if anyone needs my services,they should contact me.

Happy new year,to all the expats around Venice who need assistance as an English tutor for their family,please contact me. I can be of great help. Ciao

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