is there a filipino community in Johor Bahru?


im hoping to educate myself on ways of everyday life in JB.

hoping to be sufficiently answered in my questions.

is RM12K enough to sustain a decent life in JB with 2 kids in grde 8&6?

suggestions of schools that are aligned with the curriculum used by private schools in Manila? or something like ?

what is the educ system in Malaysia? i am puzzled. it is complicated for someone new like me.


Suggest you use the Johor Baharu forum area:

Hi there,, im melanie and im from manila. I moved in johor segamat last april and I am enjoying here.. basically I havent met any filipino in this town thats why I keep searching as well

About your question, if your earning that RM12k thats is quiet substantial. that is pretty good salary to live here with a family of 2 children. Electricity and water bill  are surprisingly low compared to manila.

I am teaching here in segamat,, I can recommend an international school if you can find any close to your are,a because other local schools are not using english except english subject which is very low level of english,

Hope my. Infos are helpful.  have a good day.


Go to Malaysia Immigration website, lots of very useful details for you...
You may also share it with everyone

Filipino is everywhere like irish potatoes.

Thats not true,,, I been looking for filipino here in segamat,, nobodies here. Only me.. sad :(

Is salary better than Thailand

Much better but no work in Thailand. Cost of Living is quite high in Malaysia now. Still quite low in Thailand. Visas are difficult to obtain in both countries.

How much is salary in Malaysia for teaching.  Visa in Thailand easy if you have teachers licence

If you want work go to songkhla or pattani or Satun.  Government directly hires for 20 000 baht a month, generous paid holidays

hi. is you location near to bukit indah. I wish I could met some Filipino because I cant find some here in my place.

here is my contact no.  ***

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Hello aillem. I would be moving next month to johor bahru. Also be working in a school setting. Is it safe to live there? Especially with your family?

Hi tortuga, i dont know much about johor bahru.. i just been there twice.. i lived in segamat johor and its very safe and peaceful.
I left and moved in bangkok now. Hope for the best for you and your family there.

Okay. Thanks melanie.

it is safe in jb but quite boring. there are many malls but "ampaw". meaning big at the outside, empty inside. there is not much to do. choice of activities that will fill your weekends are rare, just movies or if there are, they are quite elusive to find. you cant move in jb without car bec there is poor transpo system here. bus can be seen but rare. taxis are abundant but very expensive. a decent resto meal will cost you rm10-12 while meal frm hawkers / karinderya type is around rm4-5 per meal. as general rule, same as with other place, dont attract thieves, stay plain/ simple.

if you want to meet Filipinos here in jb, there is an 11am tagalog mass in sacred heart church every sunday in jb, near sentosa mall.
there are quite a number of pinoys here but not as much in sg.
most of pinoys i met here are professionals and hold high position/paying jobs.

Thank you twinklepinay. That info is really helpful! Is it true that there are "akyat bahay gang"?

Is owning a car costly there in jb? Is driver's license easy to acquire?

i could not testify to the authenticity of akyat bahay gang issue coz i have not witnessed one,and doesnt wish to experience. but anywhere you go, may it be in phil or here in jb, keep urself safe. choose a place that is quiet, most of the residents are professionals/working, has good security(guards), abundant cctv. your personal instinct in choosing a place is reliable. anywhere is safe,as long as you tried to know your surroundings. stay informed.

if you are staying here for more than 5 years or so, buying a 2nd hand car or brand new is advisable. but if u r still testing the water, maybe 2 years, rent a car will be better.
rent a car here is abundant and worry free. i mean worry free is u r not liable to any repairs of the car u r renting.the owner will do all the dirty works.  it is also cheap compared to phil. here in jb, you can rent a good car w rm1200 per month as compared to php100k+ per month in phil.
2nd hand car here are abundant. para na nga silang kalat sa gilid ng kalsada. malaysia is a car country kaya sobrang dameng used cars. mura ang price ng 2nd hand dto pero may tax k p din n bbyaran at mbb n ang resale value kpg binenta mo. hindi rin mabilis magbenta ng kotse if uuwe k n s pinas, dahil nga apaw na ang kotse dto. sane situation with brand new cars.
mabilis lng kumuha ng lisensya dto at mura lang. pwde k ding kumuha ng international license sa pinas bago k pumunta dito, valid 1 year. renewable.

Ok. Thanks a lot twinklepinay. Its very informative. What is the best school for children there for grade 3 and 6?

the only choice we have here are international schools bec english is the medium of teaching. i cannot recommend or comment on the performance of intl schools here bec my children have not been enrolled yet. most intl schools academic year starts sept.
do your research and visitation to have a feel of each school.
the education here is far expensive frm phil. in phil i could send my child with php 150k+ for whole school year. but here you  will need rm25k (php300k) just for enrollment/1 sem.

Oh. Okay. Sound very expensive.

Hello twinklepinay. Is there always a rally there in johor bahru as the same in KL?


You mean there is no single rally you have seen in johor?



Hi, I am a Filipino also,  is it difficult to find a job here in malaysia,  particularly in Johor Bahru?

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hi freya..what kind of profession you have?

Hi there, I just moved here in JB, 1 week now still in the hotel, found the place & moving in to senibong cove. I like the place, but seems very quiet in general. Any help to meet people, get to know the area better? Thanks, rose.

Hi,There are many option here for school.
Are you currently work here or just want to migrate here.
Expenditure still little high here.

Let me know which part you are leaving.

Hi, im Richard...pilipino mix malaysian...just want tell you, malaysia school curriculum  is mostly  same with other  country, different is, language..if your kids go to govt school of course the medium language is bahasa if you want, send them to private school that well known..or top school... there any courses for filipina maid in johor bahru city. I wish i can send my helper if there is any. Pls do let me know

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