Guitar Lessons?

Does anyone know of a good Guitar Teacher?   Hubby is looking to continue lessons...  :whistle:

Thanks for the help!

Ive heard that there are some folks in Riyadh who can teach Guitar but I do not have any contact names to provide.

It will be great if hubby can conjure up a few chords and we can assemble together sometime and dig a jam, perhaps? Its been ages since I have sat on a drum kit...


I think he would love that.  Do chat with him tomorrow about it.  He just started playing about 8 months ago, and loves it.

Hey CAF,

Well just in case hubby couldn't find a teacher (I hope he does) he might wanna talk a look at this site

Justin is brit musician and he made a really good biginners video course which you can access for free from his website, I've been learning stuff from him for sometime and I think he rocks!

Tell hubby to check it out if he didn't find out about it already :D

Thanks MadMaz!    Yes, he loves the site too and  thanks so much for your input!  :top:

Hi guys

My hubby loves to play guitar. I know he'd really enjoy getting together with others to play - once we make it to KSA! :) (September sometimes seems a long way off still, but sometimes it's way too close! :o )

And my 12 yo son is showing some interest in learning, though probably more inclined to the drums at present. Hope he'll get to do music at school over there or we might be looking out for a private teacher too.

Hi Janric

Im sure we can arrange that!  Your son can hook up with MM, he too plays the drums!   

If you need any assistance before you get into town, just ask!  PM me and let me know where you guys are going to live.


Although I used to play with a mixed bag of jazz freaks in Riyadh almost 20 years back I do not own a drum kit anymore. However, I have had many requests to teach drumming, especially for kids, and have been contemplating buying one to play and teach. Lets discuss after Janric moves into Riyadh in Sep. My problem is that we now live in an apartment complex and sound of "tribal" drumming would not be the way of life here. Need to look for a suitable location where we can set up te kit and do the practices and lessons there. A compound would be the ideal and will try to work on it. Rumaizan is the closest to our place and I will try and chat up the Restaurant Manager where they have facilities for such activity.

Sounds like a great idea, musicman! As long as it isn't next door to where WE are living!:D


I feel your pain!  Hubby practices in the next room!!!  ...  :dumbom: 

So sometimes I just have to go shopping!  hehehe:lol::lol::lol:

CAF, Thank your lucky stars he hasnt thought of drumming?

:lol::lol::lol::lol:  OMG, you are so right!

Hello Im jane i live in ,Dhahran,SaudiArabia
and im looking for a guitar Teacher 'Female'
if u know someone Let me know ,,ive been lookin for a teacher fo 3 months ..i know a male teacher livin in Aramco if u wanna more Ask
Thanks !

Hello Jane Emma and welcome on board of :)
Did you know there is a forum for Dammam which at the moment groups Dammam, Khobar and Dharan expatriates?
You might want to insert an ad in Dammam's classifieds -> Music Classes.
Hope this helps

Hi all,

Came across this thread via a google search on guitar lessons in Riyadh. So I registered to post :D

I've been playing for 10+years now and I need to take my playing to the next level technically. Specifically, arpeggios, sweep picking and speed development. Did any1 have any luck finding a good instructor in riyadh?

Besides practice and tutoring, I havent jammed since I've entered KSA in 2002 and really miss it. Any jamming sessions around?


Guyz im also intrstd to learn guitar..Lives near to olaya. please provide any contact number or so if u guyz knw sombdy willing to teach.It wil b a gr8 help ;)

I have my electronic drum kit right now which I bid on ebay and won some weeks back and hence am teaching drumming for anyone who wants to learn.

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Interested to learn guitar if free classes available

its not for free

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