English speaking friends in Tunis

I am sorry for late reply I have been off the site for awhile . I am American convert . And I am married to a Tunisian .

Hello friend!! Did you ever end up moving to Tunis-i really wonder how it turned out for you!??  :/

Are you talking to me ? (Lol)
Yes and it's great


I don't know what happened to the original poster of this but, I am an English speaker living in Tunis who is Looking to make some friends preferably some English speaking Friends because my French is really limited :D.

Message me if you want to hang out sometime.  :)


NO not a good idea to come to Tunis.
Life is too oo oo oo oo oo  hard for foreigners. Not at all welcome.
Highly advised  not to mix with locals, for the peace of mind.
No body see you or your as a person , only dollars..... etc
Rest is your choice how to save your self .

Hii Harrisson
Nice to meet you again. We can have a coffee if you like. I live in the capital.
Keep in touch.
Kind regards

Heu Trish , i am willing to join you

Hi Trish
You welcome in Tunisie. I'm sure you'll be envoyed staying here. Good luck.
Best regards

Hi! You are welcome in Tunisia.
My advice is to live in La Marsa, Gammarth or Carthage . Whenever you
are in Tunis, you can contact me .

Sorry! But I don't recommand PUPLIC transports for foreigners in Tunis.

Hello! I am moving to Monastir in August to teach and would love to make some new friends. I realize we aren't in the same city, but perhaps we can still try and meet up. Chatting with an English speaking friend will be much needed :)

It's nice to e-meet you! I am going to be working for Amideast teaching English and hopefully kicking around my new home country. I really love to travel, I've been to 11 countries including Morocco, Chad and South Africa. I do love being in Africa! I am very much hoping to learn more French and perhaps even some Arabic, if I could ever get the sounds right haha.

Would love to hear more about yourself sometime.

Enjoy the day,

Enjoy life to the max Victoria
I have relatively the same life style
Sorry I live in Carthage .. Won't be able to come to Monastir but I have confidence u will do and be just fine...


i wanna meet new friends here thank uuuuu

i am looking for english speakinf friend aswell i live in korba

Welcome to Tunisia Victoria ,
I hope that you will enjoy Monastir , it's pretty nice city and calm
I'm based in Tunis , so if you are in town or you will need any thing s feel free .

All the best :)


Hey Kysses

Comustaka :)

I think I've met one of ur kabayan 2weeks ago in Lac2 , I'll get you her contact if you want .


yes please ask her fb thank uuu

You are most welcome :)

such a pathetic comment !

you are most wemcome pm me i can help you with  useful information

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