Need Help with Moving From Bahrain To Saudi Arabia

Hello people!! yeah so we're planing to move From Bahrain to Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)... can you recommend us with some movers company? we also want to bring our car too... I know I can search over the net for these kinda information... but eh, asking wouldnt hurt right...

P.S I'm new with this, so bear with me will ya... thx in advance!

I work for a relocation company and the main problem with Saudi is the customs at the border. Moving your car is better done by just getting a NOC and taking it over there. Keeping it as a Bahrain car. Moving your possessions is better done by sea than by road.

Hi, Josnuggles I know this is an old post but I have a question regarding the NOC you mentioned. We are also moving to Saudi Arabia to Dhahran. We don't have our iqama which we will get after we arrive there but we have residency visas. My question is can we drive our Bahraini car with us to Saudi over the causeway (we already purchased GCC comprehensive insurance) and then come back later after getting multiple entry visas to export it to Saudi? And what is an NOC?

Thanks in advance!

An NOC is a none objection certificate that you get from the lease or hire company that you get your car from. If the car is owned by you then I'm not sure if you need one, best to visit the ministry of transport and ask them as they are very helpful there and will answer your questions.


I know this is an old question to be answered. But you can try "The Box - Storage in Bahrain" for relocation and moving services. I think this might help you.

Sure. I am willing to help if I can. In fact maybe we can help each other as i am doing the exact opposite e.g. moving from Saudi with a car and furniture.

I have lived in Saudi for 5.5 years so should be able to offer you some useful advice.

I am willing to help anyone in return for similar advice about relocating to Bahrain.


Hi Billy,
I am planning to move from Saudi to Bahrain. I have already accepted the offer letter.i wish to move my furniture and car to Bahrain.i have read many forums most of them are old .If u can guide me on the latest procedure for moving my car.

Please help.

I posted my experience from about 18 months ago in a different thread. You should be able to find it if you search.

Here is vikpaw's response thread: … 66#3619243


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