VIPER Permanent Visa - did anyone process & obtain theirs in the US?

Did anyone process and obtain their permanent visa through their local Brazilian consulate in the US? If so, how long did the entire process take? I just read that it took one American "less than a month" and another American "just a few weeks"  and three other Americans claimed "5 weeks" and still another claimed "6 weeks"  to get their permanent visa in the US! Are these cases atypical?

I am getting married later this year in Brazil, but perhaps it'll be worth it (even worth the separation from my husband  :sosad: ) to fly back to the US with my marriage certificate in hand to apply for my visa here if it's only going to to take me a month versus 1-2 years of dealing with the Brazilian bureaucracy. Thoughts? I know that it could take longer than a month - I've read 3 to 6 months in other threads - so I'm wondering how long it took everyone else. Thanks.


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It all depends on exactly how many VIPER Peramanent Visas that they are processing at the moment and the Ministério da Justiça in Brazil turnaround time in responding to the Consulados because all applications come to Brazil for decisions. This is why they give a 3 - 6 month time frame, because there are lots of variables.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

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