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Hello Everyone,

    I am new to the Bolg. Here are a few facts about my self. My name is Kurtis and I am an artist specializing in printmaking, I also own a small craft distillery in the US. Birdview Distillery that specializes in prickly pear brandy.  Our product El Castor is a new regional spirit that we have pioneered over the past six years.  I am an avid maker of things from furniture, jewelry, and knives. I am a diehard surfer, backpacker, and motorcycle enthusiast. And I absolutely love food.   
    My fiancée and I are considering moving to Ho Chi Minh, Dist 2. I want to reach out and ask a few Qs to see if anyone had any thoughts / input . We would be moving in 2016, at first for two years. The reason for our move would be number one for the experience and number two for her job (product design).
As she would have an established job for when we moved. I on the other hand would be starting fresh. I know that all of Vietnam is growing, at what seems to be an exponential rate. However I am not entirely sure of how many jobs are available for expats with my skill set. We have traveled to Vietnam multiple times over the past few years. I have noticed that all alcohol is imported, with exception for the Vietnam beers, a Dalat wine, and some rice distillate.

So I thought it may be interesting to see if any one has ever thought of establishing a winery or distillery Vietnam?

Are there many other jobs in art, architecture, furniture, jewelry, and crafts?

    2016 seems like a way off but if this idea becomes a reality I would like to have something well established before the move.
    Thank you in advance for your time and knowledge; also we are currently in Ho Chi Minh, District 2. Participating in the Le Fruit Triathlon on Sat.  May 31. If anyone is attending I would be more then happy to meet up.


If you're still in Vietnam, perhalf we can meet. I'm living in district 4.

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Ted Nguyen

Hello Ted!
I too am very interested in getting my foot in the door in the growing wine industry here in Vietnam!
I live in Ho Chi Minh and can speak fluent English and French, which would come in very handy for contacting sellers in France for importing wine.
Just wondering if you are interested!

hey I just PM'd you.

k.p.major :

I have noticed that all alcohol is imported, with exception for the Vietnam beers, a Dalat wine, and some rice distillate.

I think you missed out on the banana whiskey that my brother-in-law makes me drink on holidays.  But then you didn't miss much.

One obstacle, besides the massive capitalization, to establishing an integrated winery is that agricultural land is, if not owned, controlled by the state.  Who would you rent from?  Hardly a shoestring business.  There might be more opportunity in other fruit wines, as disgusting as most of them are.  Products like dragon fruit or pineapple could be purchased at or near farm level. 

You mention marketing in France, and things Vietnamese may have a certain cache in France, but I would imagine that most French consumers are rather chauvinistic about wine.  I would certainly be interested if your plan comes to fruition.

Dear Curtis

I'm Hung, currently in Hanoi, Vietnam
I have experiences working on beverage industries.
Currently I have set up an craft distillery in Hanoi
We currently develop some brandy product using Vietnam fruit and western method

As reading your post, I would like to understand if you still planning to move and work in Vietnam
I welcome all the opportunities for working together or support you to establishing an distillery in Vietnam if you want to

Please let me know if you feel interesting on that ideas

Thank you

As I am not check this account daily, you can send me an email to xxx

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Hello Hung,

Welcome on board  :)

As the post of Kurtis is from 2014, i suggest you drop an advert in the Business partners in Ho Chi Minh City section of the website so that you may actually be contacted by members who are interested.

All the best,

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