Want to move from Brisbane Aus to LA/San Diego - Tips please

Hi there, Just wondering if anyone can provide me with some guidance and tips on what should be considered when moving to the US from Australia.

We are planning on packing up the family in the near future and getting a job in the US, somewhere in the project management arena.

Would like to know what some of your experiences were with moving to the US, and some lessons that you either learnt the hard way or the easy way.

What are some of the things that we should put on our to-do list;
Health Insurance
Areas to live (Or not)

We have an 18 month plan to get this all wrapped up and be there, so any and all advice very much appreciated (& Needed).

Andrew :)

Before you do anything else in your plan to move to the US you need to sort out what type of visa your going to need to work here! The US is no different than   Australia where you need a visa to enter and work in country. Until you sort that out you will not be allowed to work here. You might want to start contacting companies in your field of expertise over here who would be willing to employ and sponsor you and your family......

best job board is   Trump wants to do a lot of infrastructure projects so get a move on.  sponsorship is tough unless you are in a high need profession.  look at the US embassy web site. professions provide company paid health care

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