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any recommendations on Islamic schools in KL

jazakallahu khairan.

You can try to go for International Islamic School Malaysia

Thanis a lot. Any feedback on the school?

A big issue will be the standard of English. Students really do need the best possible grounding and exposure daily to a high standard of English language. What tends to happen, is that Malaysian English is spoken, which causes a lot of problems later on in the education system, especially for students who have to use English at international standard for technical papers and any works that are published.

Here is a quote from their website:

Being international, English is the medium of instruction and the school adopts the University of Cambridge International Examinations Curriculum. Being Islamic, means Arabic Language and the Quran are equally or even more important.

Thanks Gravitas. Is that an issue in all Islamic schools?

Any other good islamic schools in kl?

The main conflict of interests will probably be getting English mother-tongue teachers, which obviously affects the education in some ways.

yes brother
International Islamic school is the best in kl near my university UIA.

I can see what you are trying to say since I study at the International Islamic University Malaysia,
But there's no such thing as conflict of interest. rather, it's actually the additional Islamic courses which are compulsory imposed on the students what brings the Quranic language ( Arabic) but it is still taught in English language as medium of instruction. I think the problem lies on the fact that most of the Malay locals have poor english so they have as what you have mentioned Malay English!
So if you don't want your child to be affected with poor English skills then your child would better be surrounded by English speakers but then you're gonna have to forgo the main point of going to an Islamic School!

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