Story of my LUNG SCARS

I had been to Dubai n I got a job but did not get the Emirates id due to scar in lungs but to not active from last 30 yrs. I was sent back with ban 9 permanent. What does that mean. Will I never go back to Dubai for employment or on visit visa

Ur story is very much inspiring.I am also facing thesame issue. I will be having my med.exam next month. I have lung scars and I tried my luck to come here to Dubai despite.the fact that I might be deported. Nothing to lose guys. God will never leave us nor forsake us.

Are they still deporting applicants with lung scars? What is their process afyer they found out that u have lung scar? Are they going to bring you to the airport thesame day and send u home?

After they found out I have scar through xray they asked me to have sputum test  to make it sure and waited for 45 days for the result, called me up and told me to bring our PRO with me to process the cancellation of my employment Visa but since our PRO is on his vacay, I waited 10days until he arrived and Stayed another 7 days after the cancellation.  In total I stayed in Abudhabi a little less than 2 months after my medical result.

If you have working experience in the middle east. They wont send you home even if you have scar on your lungs. Scars cant be treated but arent contagious. But if you're tourist they will send you home and you'll be blacklisted.

Did they put u in the isolation room or quarantine area after the found out that u have a scar in ur lungs?

Nope, didnt even give me antibiotics.  I live normal.  It isn't contagious but its permanent thats what they told me.  After my eye scan at the airport I found out I am blacklisted. I went for check up right after I got back to my country and I am positive with PTB, my Doc not confirming if theres really a scar. We have to find it out after 3 months. So I am hoping, I called my company and they told me they will help me get back in once I have my medical result showing im cleared with Doctor's cleanrance.

Hi all.. i worked in Dubai 3 years, and i passt medical, 2014 i left Dubai because i wanted to get marry but it didnot work, after one year 2015 march months i came back in Dubai i got job, but i failed medical,this stupid crazy scar ruined my life, i never had medicine and simtoms, always im fit fit,  i did 4 times medical they have different opinions, the fact that i do have scar but all those doctors told me i can stay and work as i am not infectious, but still unfit medical certificate given, my news was published also on Gulf news,  people wanted help me but no result, i guess it depends on our fate, but i went through tough time this period i saw so nasty people n so good people, guys if u are deported just for lung its big unfair, if i tell u all it will never finish..this is my email **************

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Hi Mamalz pls drop me my email ur whatsapp number, im going to be deported also aftertomorrow, even those  doctors confused about my scar, i should be in Dubai but see how failed

Did you see the scar in your lungs in the xray film? U should've requested to see the film and the location of the scar.

I did ct scan which gave report its an Old tb scar on the left lung, due to doctor in Muhaisnah which is so far he told i had before which even i didnt notice and its cured by itself, now im totally not sick, when i asked him to give me fit certificate once im not infectious he told me to contact with director of Medical Fitness Maisa Al bustani, she told me go for second but refused again..she even told im now fit but they are following the law, its so craziness

I have my scar issue back then, but now I think it was totally clear. Im living now in uae for almost 3 years. Just renew my contract months ago. And got a fit to work status. So every time I do xray. I drink lots lots of milk( laban milk and full cream) and a day before the xray i ate tomato paste PLUS faith.

I see ur situation, im also deported due to old tb scar which i have never had, I hope they will change

Wow! God is good.

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what kind of milk did you drink? thanks
same scenario din sa akin i dont know what to do but i already undergo the medication for 7days... but may scars in lungs andyan parin. please help what should i do to clear up my lungs chest x-ray. thank you and GOD BLESS!


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10, 000 aed?

Hello everyone.

I had the same situation from all of you guys. 9/10 yrs ago. I diagnose with this PTB on upper left lung. And then I got medication for 6 months and then I decided to extend another 6 month. After that, I didn't have a chance to monitor on my condition. Because I know God healed me, because I'm still alive up to this day. And then last yr  I got cough and then my doctor diagnose it was bronchitis, he check up me and then said to me that my lungs are ok, no haze so he give me some antibiotics to take. And then Last January I got sick again and have cough after two weeks di parin nawala ubo ko. So my doctor decided to have me an X-ray and then eto na, diba pag may history ka sa PTB may scar na makikita talaga sa lungs mo,
the findings of  my xray is
-PTB, Left upper love with granuloma formation.
-intercurrent pneumonia, both paracardiac area.

My question is, am I contagious again. :(

Ask your doctor na. I was deported also from UAE. Just came back from PH this 27th January 2017. But my issue is only scar, I had medication also here in PH and got healed. Now, I have my lifetime ban to UAE because of healed PTB issue and unremovable scar.

you've been working for how many years here in uae? before they sent you home?

3 months

Is it true that i still can go back to dubai after being diagnosed with old tb. But its after 6 months and you need to present a medical certificate?

Did someone here tried going back to uae after getting deported?

It's a lifetime time ban. Yes, you can go back to UAE but for visit visa only.

How did you know that its only for visit visa?

Visit visa has no ban

yes you can but only for visit visa.. but for job purpose NO.
how long you've been deported? since when?

Last january, but no plans on going back yet.

Just wondering if I am also banned in other GCC country like qatar?

No. Only in UAE.

Alright thanks!

But search also if medical there is same as UAE.

Hi luckygirl18 ano pong milk yung ininum mo? Please help me bacause i want to work abroad and i'm worried that the agency won't approve the medical certificate. Help me please

Hi luckygirl18 ano pong milk ininum mo? Please help me.

Ahnkhulet :

Hi luckygirl18 ano pong milk yung ininum mo? Please help me bacause i want to work abroad and i'm worried that the agency won't approve the medical certificate. Help me please

hi ahnkhulet. that time i was drinking sterilized milk. philippine agencies will not accept your medical certificate even if it shows a Fit to work result. so what i did is i came here to dubai directly and try my luck here,

Lucky you.

did you drink milk on the day of tour medical exam?


Hi all,

Anybody consulted doctor for regarding lung scars,what is their opinion,there is need treatment for peaceful life or its not mandatory..Pls reply my friend has the same issue..

Thanks currently working in dubai..unfortunately my medical test was unfit saying i have Old really in shock since i dont have any medical records since make it worse been travelling to different countries and working there.last year i come back from Lebanon been there for two years and all my medicals was clearly fit never heard any problems..went to al muhaisnah medical fitness they said i have a scar in my lungs so its Old visa needs to be cancelled.just came back from lebanon and came here in january how come???


Just wanted to ask what is the milk that you took?

is it the bearbrand sterilized?

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