a malaysian girl looking for job in Alexandria or Cairo

Hi, im new here. Im a malaysian chinese girl, im looking for a job Alexandria and Egypt. I wonder is it possible i can get a job there?
Im a native chinese speaker, and i speak english as well. Is there any language school need chinese language teacher?

Honestly, im kind of worry as i have applied few jobs but no respond at all..

salem alaykom vous parle en francais ??

I m indian here in egypt
I hope I can do for u something

thanx and regards

send your cv .. with your qualifications , skills and experince . also let me know the suitable salary range for u .

Sorry sasuki, i cant speak french..

Zacky, thanks. It will be great if you have any job oppoturnity can introduce to me.


Thats really great, thanks. I will send you my CV later.
Thanks a lot for your help. Btw, may i know is it you have any job vacancy in your company?
Thanks in advance..

we are respectable ladies gym in 6 October city ... and we refresh our staff  now .we have  assistant , markting , sales .. plus fitness and  loss wieght sessions jobs  .  i want in new staff  mix nationalities .
good luck

always welcome dear miss

Hi Citygym,

Thanks a lot for your help. I have sent my CV to you, please let me know what do you think about it.

Thank you and have a nice day. :)

@ citygym_egypt > I will advise you to post this job offer in the jobs in Egypt section please.



I m Indian may I get any job there in ur gym ?


Please contact me:  career[at]

What type of job are you looking for?  Are you flexible?


Hi Karyn,

Im looking for a office or teacher job or any job is suitable for me. I think im pretty flexible if there is a job for me in Alexandria. Do you have any vacancy that suitable for me?
I cant speak arabic by the way...

Thanks in advance!

Please send your CV so we can evaluate you for a suitable opening.


Thanks a lot for your help, Karyn. I have sent you my CV to your email. Please let me know once you have received my email, and also what do you think about it.
Have a nice day :)

I think it will be hard these days, but really i hope that u can find

Can you work as personal assistant...i work for import&export and i deal with alot of chinese companies and i could hire you .... my email is Dr.abdelhameed.elrouby[at] me copy of your CV or any contact details

Hi, Sure. I can speak Chinese fluently. It's my mothertougue. :)
Anyway, I have sent my CV to your email. Please let me know whether you got it or not.
By the way, May i know where is the working location located?
Thanks a lot :)

Hi cherry ,
can you work in sales?
Ahmed shousha
Mobile,whatsApp and viber:01111888801

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Sami_fias[at] send me your cb here

Sam7788 :

Sami_fias[at] send me your cb here

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I can ask for you I work at a center that teaches many languages. You may be able to teach there if you could please send me ur CV to show it to the responsible people that would be great.
Also if u are here in Alex I am in love with both China and Malaysia and would love to know more about the cultures there.
my email is

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we have a job for you in Maadi , Cairo ,
without salary just big commission in real estate
have a good luck

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hi, are you in Alexandria now?
I can give you names of schools, hight schools in Alex?


I will try to find you a job. Just keep in touch.

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