Remedial / Deep Tissue Massage

Hi, I am desperately looking for a proper really massage to get the knots of muscle out of my back - not just a relaxation massage.. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

Jlc 88,

I knew a philipino mature gentleman who works in the physiotherapy dept. of a local hospital who is good at massage, please be careful in inviting a stranger at your residence ( this is true for females and males both) before checking references and credentials.

I am ready to work for you Therapeutic Massage

any luck in finding someone reliable ? I am also looking for someone

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for male message its not a big issue. on every big gym like fitness time you will find the message center,

Hi jLS
I too was missing the decent massage sessions in Saudi. There are some massage parlours here and there though they won't be like the ones in Aussie where the chinesse message art is almost in every corner :).
If you are a female, you could try the Cobone website where you will find a lot of message parlours ad's strictly for females only. Using the website you will benefit from the discount vouchers it offered as well.
Wish u an enjoyable experience.

I received a certificate for Yibreen Day Spa, they do deep tissue if you request

Im really looking for massage for my back also

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I want a masage for my back.
Can any one help me pleaae in riyadh


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