I Want To Retire To Taiwan From USA

I am a retired gentleman from the USA.  I love Taiwan and the Taiwan people very much.  I visit Taiwan often and learn more and more about this unique country.

I have researched the ARC requirements.  It looks like it is almost impossible to immigrate to Taiwan unless you have employment in Taiwan.  My retirement income would provide a very comfortable life for me.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how a retiree from The USA can obtain an ARC?  The ARC, as I understand it, is Taiwan's equivelent to A USA Green card.

Would it be helpful if I retained an immigration attorney in Taiwan?  If so, does anyone know of a reputable attorney?

I got a multiple entry visa in NYC..Good for 60 days but with extensions good for almost 6 months then I have to leave the ountry so I zip over to Hong Kong etc & return to start all over again. I inquired & was informed that I need a good conduct letter ( criminal report ) from the US plus the other documentation such as medical report & I can stay for a year. Of course being that my Chinese wife of 25 years is a Taiwan national helps so this might not apply to you.
Regards, Ron

Do you fear that at some point they won't grant your Visa renewal?  Are you aware of anyone being refused a renewal?

No, no fear there..If they saw my bank account they would welcome me with open arms. My monthly income is double the average worker here.

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