Looking for any information on good doctors dealing in homeopathy only.
Need reliable references if possible.
Also would need to know where one can.purchase the homeopathic medicines.


I am an Australian Registered Homoeopath (AROH) now living in South Jakarta. I have a small dispensary with me and am available for a chat about your health issues (or even just about homoeopathy).
If needed, I can get access to a wider range of medicines.
You can contact initially me via this forum.

Cheers DMR

Dear DMR,
If you are still in Indonesia could you help me to buy a medication called: "Prima-Gin Kejibeling"? It is produced in Indonesia. You can proceed the following link:

I need 500 capsuls should sent to China. I am ready to pay all the expenses.
Best regards.
Michael Kotenyov.

Hi Michael Kotenyov,

This thread has been inactive since 2014, i will be closing it.I suggest you drop an advert in the Jakarta classifieds.

All the best,

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