Filipina in Munich

Hallo Guys!

Is there anyone here a Filipina living in Munich?

Hope to meet you all..

God Bless

nanago cguro sila maam. .heheh

Hi Merilyn - it would be much appreciated if you can keep it in English please :)

Hello po! :)

Hello fellow! Joining the 'mafia' in Munich soon. Let me know if we could meet and hang out. Cheers!


You'll work for the Mafia? Really???

LOL i'm not entirely sure if you got my joke or not. I hope you did. LOL

Hi Khaeii. I'm new in Munich. I also want to meet friends specially Pinoy. I'll go to Munich Marie platz on Monday, do you have time? Hope we meet from lunch time or even afternoon? 😊

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