rent DVD movies in English

:)  can you tell me are there many places there where you can rent DVD movies in English?
     also are there any health ins. co"s. there that have English speakers?
     thanks :)

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There are DVD places on almost every corner- all movies are around $1.50 (to buy) and are usually in English. You can have them play the DVD in the store to check if it works. They are all pirated but it's still legal here. (I live in Quito)

Thanks glad to know that.

Same answer for Cuenca. You do not rent movies here, you buy them. At $1.50 each and four for $5 it would be hard to make a profit renting. They are talking about cracking down on the pirating. I believe it is part of an international treaty that is being discussed. I think the way they get around it now is they change the title of the movie slightly. You are wise to have them play it and show you it is in English. Before we started doing that we would get them home to find out it was not in English or the quality was bad. If they do not want to play it for you leave it there and move on. There are plenty of places to buy movies.

When you see a title you like ask the clerk ¿Cien por ciento? (100%).  If it's in english  then the language is synched along with the music etc.  Then ask them to play it.  There is a store I go to in Cuenca that puts their stamp on each DVD I buy.  If it's bad (I don't look at it there) I take it back and it's exchanged no questions asked.  They sell 4 dvds for $5

As posted already your $3.00 rental days are over, you get four for $5.00. In Quenca as here in Quito, just shop around for the best store, which there are plenty. We have a great one, this guy can find a movie by who is in it and has a great selection. Not only new releases but many older titles and reference movies, I am a big on WWI, WWII, and Victory at Sea movies etc. We now have a game going where I try to stump him, he just smiles runs to the back and BAMM it's in my hand... Beats the heck out of BlockBuster on their best days, which are over.

Where in Cuenca exactly can you buy the DVD in Cuenca,  street name would be help.

I've never purchased them but there are at least 2 stores on Luis Cordero between Gran Columbian and Pio Bravo. At least there was last summer. Sorry I haven't been back in a while. You should also subscribe to the Gringo post. It's a forum specifically for expats in Cuenca.

What is the best street in Cuenca to but t b email DVD? ?

At the airport in Atlanta, Georgia, I hit a snag when U.S. Homeland Security saw that I had a bunch of DVD’s -- maybe ten -- that I had purchased in Ecuador, in one of my bags.  There were no receipts, and I admitted the actual (low) price I paid.

After a few minutes of questioning, Homeland Security let me go without confiscating anything.

My guess is that they wanted to crack down on re-selling of DVD’s.  None of my videos were duplicates.


Why rent when you can watch movies, documentaries, shows, etc., if you have internet service and a Roku streaming device? You will be able to watch Netflix, HBO Go and much more.  Of course you would need to pay the monthly subscription for these.  I don't know if you can find a Roku here in Ecuador.  I brought my from the US.  You can watch Netflix with a Roku using internet service only.  To watch HBO Go, Starz, etc., you would need have cable access.  Maybe someone in the states wouldn't mind giving your there login information for they cable service.  My daughter gave me her information.  I recently signed up with in order to unblock these.  They currently have a two week free trial.  Good luck!

Sorry, the link didn't show.  The company I used to unblock is Smart DNS Proxy.

Where is this store located please. Thank you.Lee.

For free access to CNN and other USA news programing, here's one I just found this week...

For the 11 NFL playoff games that start today (Jan. 6, 2017) through the Super Bowl, there is ...  Not a free service.


And my favorite: (with optional DVR service for time-shift viewing).

  -- cccmedia near the Ecuador-Colombia border crossing at Rumichaca

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