HOW TO : Foreigner to Marry a Moroccan. Step by step instructions.

Well Muslim men are only allowed to marry Muslim women, Christian or Jewish. And I suppose one of the reasons is the rituals involved, and similarities. It's not surprising for it to be overwhelming for someone outside of those religions.

No need to carry any flags. It's best to avoid going to Morocco for marriage to begin with. Many documentaries have shown what the usual outcome is for foreigners getting married to those from the developing world. Not all of them are daft enough to request money, or ask about a visa. Some of them are patient, and know how not to raise suspicions. Many people have found out only later on, what the real intention was, only after their spouse received their Indefinite Leave to Remain/Passport, and does a runner shortly afterwards. Some of them use their knowledge of their partners bank details to access money without permission.

As for older women and younger men, that's always a no-no, regardless of how long they've known each other. Simply because in the culture, men don't marry older women. Quite the opposite! There is plenty of single youngsters so there is no need at all for someone to resort to that, unless of course there is money and/or visa on offer.

Hey I didn't go to Morocco for marriage...sorry maybe misunderstanding. I went for a holiday and met a Moroccan as do so many women. Sorry UK men not my type-it just happened and I don't regret one minute as we grow in life through experience and I know so much more and understand others now. I would advise people beware though in relationships as in other countries.
This forum is for expats so don't want to dwell on this. Just don't wear rose coloured glasses. It is hard to settle into Moroccan life as a Western woman with a Moroccan man too (check out starter wives). I am sure many of you will disagree and I hope you are right.
So I advise get to know an American and European community for support. You will need it and it is there.  Also I also say to keep quiet about your life as  Moroccans do. Don't be as open as we are in the UK and we share our life, our finances, property, etc
Out there I say nothing and even make up I have family out there as protection as a single women. Even wearing my wedding ring makes no difference to advances.
You need to earn respect and act respectful in their country it is a big element I have learnt. Gradually build up trust long term - as in time and just keep quiet and listen.
It is a fabulous country with lovely people (mainly) and hope to be back very soon-just booked.

There wasn't any misunderstandings. None of my comment was aimed at you, but rather in general, for the sake of readers of this thread.

"I went for a holiday and met a Moroccan as do so many women. "

There is obviously a reason for that. And that is many of them are hanging around waiting for them. Not just in Morocco, but any developing country that attracts quite a number of tourists. Even married tourists are not left alone by the opportunists.

And people are usually lovely for a reason, don't you think. Have you noticed they are not as lovely to their own compatriot as they are with foreigners. Again, there is a reason for this.

"Also I also say to keep quiet about your life as  Moroccans do. Don't be as open as we are in the UK and we share our life, our finances, property, etc"

So you're not into UK men, who are opened about their life, but into Moroccans, who are not as opened? Have I understood that right?

hello :) hope your fine
can you tell me whats mix marriage ?
and if both boy and girl are muslim..should they follow the same instructions as you posted
thank you
hope you reply soon

Yes all the same procedures are required.

Thanks for information
I read all blogs on this plate form every one has different story
I am not British but still I m living in U.K. Legally on resident permit
I am confused which embassy to go i went in rabat Pakistan embassy they give me one paper first one no objection certificate get from ur union council noc something like that
I have also certificate of no impediment which council give me police check I applied will get soon and work and Salery slips I have nationality certificate don't have but have valid passport some things makes confuse and can I send all document in scan to email to my partner she can print and translate them

especial thanks for you , i got more information ,it seams like easy but i think it will be a hard days as i know how is the work  in governmental area allover the Arabian countries , hope for all best wishes and got married from who loved and hope from arab governments to make it easy as a rate of unmarried increases

thanks again

Hi Summer,

I absolutely love your story, it's so genuine!

I need clarification on what 'a written request to the judge is'? Did your husband have to do one?

Also, with regards to the paperwork being stamped by the Moroccan embassy in the county I live in (in my case UK), I'm guessing I have to send my originals and copies to be certified?

Thank you in advance.


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