Guitar lessons for

any help for a me wanting to learn to play the guitar....

Are you looking for lessons in Brazil??????

If not maybe you should READ THIS.

brown_noser05 :

any help for a me wanting to learn to play the guitar....

Hello Brown_noser05,

Welcome to Expat-Blogs..........
Where exactly you are looking for this,please post thread on that forum for better reply..........


There are excellent books for self-study of how to play guitar, but having a teacher or playing together with like-minded others (maybe in a little band when your skills are slightly better) is good for motivation and exchange of experiences.

were are you looking for classes ? can you be more specific about location ?

Hi brown_noser05,

Your topic is now on the Jubail forum.


Priscilla  :)

classes would be fine....any help

I am looking for guitar lessons

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