Urgent- good photographer near Moka

Hello everybody,

I'm currently having trouble with my CAQ (going to Canada next year). I need ID pictures, and it is becoming ridiculously complicated and expensive.

I usually go to the photographer at Shoprite but it's closed at the moment. So someone gave me an address in Port-Louis near the French embassy, a place which claims to specialise in ID pics for visas and other official documents. They produced the worst pictures ever and I could not use them. I travelled to Australia and had new pics done there, but I sent them by express mail to my mother in France to add to my other documents but she still hasn't received them - when she actually has received my postcard!

I don't own a car. PLease please could someone recommend a serious place to have official ID pics taken by a serious photographer where I can go once and for all and send them AGAIN? I'm becoming really nervous because time is passing and it's getting urgent to apply for the CAQ now.

Thanks in advance.


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