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Hi all,

I'll be interning at an organization in Marrakech, Morocco from Mid-May to the beginning of August and will need an apartment for the summer. Does anyone know of any cheap apts available or how to find them? The cheaper the better! One that is semi-furnished is preferable, but I'm flexible.


hallo what are you looking for??

A few ideas here: … ntals.html

Hi. I'm just looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment through the summer until the beginning of August. If it has some furnishings that would be helpful since I am coming from out of the country and won't have any furniture or kitchen items.

Hi db, how are you doing? My name is abdel from Marrakech, I think I can help you about renting an appartment, I just would need your budget and specific conditions: how big? How many bed rooms and location
Keep in touch  my number is: xxx

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Hi Mary,

Maybe i can help,
from middle of may till end of June,i have a small room with shower and kitchen for you  with a terrasse.i can rent you this for 150 euro till end of June.End of June 23or 28  i can rent you another nice appartment  in the same building.,with two bedrooms,tv ,wifi,nice bathroom with bath and balcony for 500 euro till you leave.I can even show you around in Marrakech till i leave.


Hi Tamara, I think the small room would work. Would I be able to meet with you to see it sometime? What area is the place located in?

Hi Mary,

Its in Issil,near Marjane, big Supermarket and shops

Could you mail me on xxxx,we can speak in private.


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Hi Mary,

Can you mail me tommorow if you are still interested.
You can come to see.Are you allready in Marokko?
Your intern is close to ISSIL?

The small room upstairs will be till 5 of August,so almost 3 months ,in Dirhams 4000dh(350euro)
Electricity and water 150 dh a month..So it will be ,say 4500dh(550 U.S Dollar) for the whole periode and i can give a matras,blanket,etc.But don't forget Summer is hot here.

The other appartment i can show you,and we can discuss..


@ Tamara > I also advise you to post an ad in the Rooms for rent In Marrakech please. ;)



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Hi Mary,

Did you find something?.

A friend of mine is looking for a roommate.
Fully furnished appartment,Wifi,Airco.


Good evening
My name Dr Mohammed and I am
From the uk . I travel to Marrakech frequently
Due to business.. I can help you with apartment
  I would also like to advice on morocco makes
Stay well clear of them .
Kind regards Mohammed

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Hi, I have rented thru for 3 wks in october and the price is very good.
regards Peta

To the OP, let me repeat my invariable advice. It probably gets boring for regulars, but after only a few weeks on a board that seems to have its fair share of scammers, I feel it's necessary.

A word of advice. If you decide to go to Morocco, whether Marrakech or not, as you are staying for some considerable time, get yourselves parked in an hotel for the first few days and go to a reputable physical estate agency for your accommodation. Insist on meeting the owner and bargain the price down after you have seen the property. Don't rent from online. You can be lucky, but appearances are deceptive and photos often don't correspond to the real thing. In addition, that lovely roof terrace shown might just overlook a stinking cesspit or rubbish dump! This is why I would not recommend online agencies or resources such as airbnb. In addition, there have been some horror stories emerging about airbnb regarding thefts and harassment.

Never, ever accept offers from people who pop up on these forums to offer "their" property, either as a first post or the same post in multiple languages. Especially never get in touch with people who want to "help" you and leave their phone numbers on the forum or ask you to message them privately. Ignore all private messages that arrive in your inbox. They will be scams. The forums are infested with these scammers and worse, despite the best efforts of the moderating team. Unfortunately, this spoils it for the very few genuine people. The scammers will be intermediaries for the real landlord, if indeed the property exists at all and will take a hefty commission whether you rent or not. They are a buffer between you and the landlord for his benefit. If he uses one of these scammers, you can't bargain the price down and why would you want to rent from such a person anyway?

The thread is a year old, so she obviously already found something, or at least I hope so. Regardless the advice is still relevant, if she intends to return in the future.

Do you have any Accomodation available in Marrakech

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I dont know if you already have found an appartement? Mine is available this summer.
Please contact me if interested. I live in the Netherlands.

Best Wishes,


Hi Khadija

Thank you for getting in touch
Am still looking , please could you send me photo and details of your apartment

Thank you

Will be in Marrakech on 10 October and interested in renting small room for 1 month if available.  Thanks...
Best regards,
Calvin Womble

Hi James,
     I have a room available for a month starting in  october. If you would like to make a reservation, please contact me by responding to my annoncement "Room for Rent - Marrakech Medina" located in the housing section.
     Hope to hear from you soon, Kathleen

Hi Kathleen,
Thanks for your speedy reply. Please send a couple of photos, the address and the cost for the month.  I will arrive in Paris on the 10th of October and fly down to Marrakech.
I am a disciplined, quiet, non-smoker, non-drinker into spiritual and physical well being.

I can provide a free furnished room in a villa to the right roomate who is happy to help look after a chihuahua especially while I'm away. is a good choice to find an appartment  but to stay safe shcedule a skype or whatsapp call to see the house

i have found someone to look after my chihuahua so the room is no longer available.

I think is better to rent it outside of Marrakech even fully furnished much cheaper beautiful views an people as well and you can find all what's needed there talkin just 20 min away but so relaxing place too lot foreigns living there cos of that ,so if you want more information contact me on ***
Best regards

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