Does Anyone Know Any English Speaking Psychologists?

Hey everyone!

I was just wondering if anyone has ever found or spoken to any English-speaking psychologists here in Gothenburg.

After being here for over two years now I can speak Swedish quite well, I am established and bought an already-running business and speak Swedish daily, but I would extremely appreciate being able to speak to a psychologist in my own language, due to the fact that it's much easier to express myself.

Does anyone know of any good psychologists in the city who are comfortable with English? I would prefer not to use an interpreter because so much gets lost through interpretation.



Jenna,  I am a therapist and will be relocating. Feel free to contact me via email and we can talk


Hello Jenna
His name is Dr. Jeremey Ray and he is from England. I was very happy with him and he helped me a lot. His # is
xxx in Gothenburg.

Good luck



Thank-you Desiree and Rosa!

Hi Jenna,

I saw your question and I was wondering if you had found an English speaking psychologist ?
If yes, were you satisfied ?

Thanks in advance  :)


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