Denmark Greencard Processing Time

Transfer amoun to your attached bank and collect letter from bank manager with original bank statement. But do not withdraw amount from your bank account atleast 2 month or if u will get any notification from process team before that about your application is in next stage  then only  you withdraw your amount.

when did you apply for the greencard ?

I wonder in how many days you get some sign of processing.

Yes it should be fine. go ahead

Hello Karthick,

As discuss with you on call, -

I have clearly told you that you just need to take a Letter From the Bank on the same day that you gonna transfer your FD money into a normal savings account...

No need to wait for 30 Days..Please dont delay asking more questions and confusing yourself. Submit your Bank letter to VFS ASAP.

I have also sent you a Bank Letter format to your email address.


My name is Devendar and I applied the greencard visa on 24/02/2016 and the visa status is still under process and my question is how many days it will take to get a visa and I called Denmark embassy and they said that there is no query and one more problem also my funds also complete 1 month and have to extend or how should I know funds verification is done or not?

Hi friend, my payment status showing that payment paid on............  date. What is that mean and how many days it will take take decision.

Hi Devendar,

As informed earlier on your post, you need to wait for 3 months for the Danish Embassy to make a decision.


I have received further documentation of my stay permit in Italy 10 days ago from DIS  and I have sended them.I have completed masters degree from Italy and I have TOEFL IBT of 79 plus I have been in Italy from September 27 2013. I have applied and give interview in March 16 from my home country in 16 March long they may take. 110 point is sure as per my calculation from nyi plus I have master degree in economics and professional bachelor degree in computer engineering from my home country.let me know please

They also asked me for further documentation of my stay in Italy after one month of my processing and I have provided them.Now how much time they take.they ask to submit further documentation within 1 month and I have provided in a week .can you tell me tentative time

Hi brother, I am devendar. Today I was hear one news about green card scheme will be cancelled on this month, is it true? One of my friend staying in Denmark and he told me this news. And my visa apply date is Feb 24-2016. He told me that from Jan 16 who applied to Denmark for greencard visas all will be cancelled or money refund, is it true.  please check and confirm to me.

Hello Devendar,

i also applied in Feb.  i have heard from a friend in denmark that  those who have already applied will not be effected.

Is this really official? I have tried to look online and there is nowhere that states that the green card scheme has been officially cancelled. However, theres information about how many changes are pending and how this program is not working overall. I also asked my friend who is in DK if he has heard anything and he says he hasn't heard of any official statement yet.
Anyone else can confirm this?

Never mind..I found the information on a different post. Lets see what happens!

Yesterday submitted passport for Stamping

Can anybody clarify

whether we need Indian Police Clearance certificate for GCS Applicants

It has been tossed as of 10 June 2016. It says so on their official page:
There's an up to date article about other ways to settle in Denmark, it might be helpful:
But Greencard was truly a great and easy way.

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