Left Saudi for emergency vacation with Exit-Reentry, Resigned from Job

After working in Saudi for more than 6 months, I requested for a vacation, and my Employer allowed me to take early vacation due to a family problem . I was issued an exit re-entry visa.

But due to the magnitude of this family problem, in July 2009, I decided to resign from my job (I did it through email), and therefore did not go back to my work. I have not received any comment from the Company about my resignation. I am confident I have not done any wrongdoing. It is construed that my work visa has already been cancelled. And as seen in a photocopy, my Iqama has expired last March 2010.

Now, I've received a nice Offer to work for another Employer in Saudi.

Will I be given by Saudi government an Entry work visa this June 2010 for a new employment with another Employer?

What possible problem might I encounter at the Saudi Airport Immigration even if I was granted a new entry visa with new sponsor.

Please note that my previous Iqama has expired already in March 2010. My previous last exit from Saudi was on the ist week of July 2009.

Please advise.

Get a new passport. 

Problem solved.

Unless you have been fingerprinted already by the Ministry of Interior?

Doesn't matter.  I was fingerprinted by the MoI.  Left a position fairly early, they wouldn't give me a NoC letter, though I was still under probation.

The embassy in DC wouldn't give me a new visa, as a result.  I got a new passport and voila, new visa.  No problems.  I've known several others that have done this since.

good luck with the MOI

have you done your fingerprinting after you came on the new visa and stayed long enough to renew your iqama once?

I had my Iqama (and driver's license) the first time around.  Never renewed.  I had it only a matter of weeks before I left.

Now, I do believe the issue is the embassy used.  There are rules and regulations that are on the books here in KSA that the embassy in DC doesn't follow, or they choose to follow an older rule.

But yes, I was fully legal here.  The embassy said no new visa without a NoC from the first job, so I just got a new passport and presto...new visa.

This is Dong52782

I now have a new passport with a new visa stampped on it issued by my new Employer/Sponsor.

What I am worrying now is my passage to the Saudi Immigration for this re-entry.

In Dec. 2008, I was fingerprinted. Do they require a fingerprint check in my 2nd entry?

My last Saudi exit was in July 2009.

Do you think I might still encounter problem in the airport immigration in this 2nd entry with new passport and new visa from new Employer/Sponsor?

They require a fingerprint when you activate a new visa.  Don't sweat it.  I got fingerprinted a second time.  No one said a thing.

I think you'll be fine, dang.  Good luck.

The strange thing was, that when I finally got my last Iqama it had the photo I submitted for my first Iqama.

You'll be fine.  Don't be acting all nervous and fidgety like some drug dealer when you get to immigration.  Just be cool and casual.

At Dang52782

Kabayan ask ko lng if sa emergency vacation may hinihingi pa bang supporting papers sa reasons mo na sasabihin for emergency vacation?

Please only English Language

donerica :

At Dang52782

Kabayan ask ko lng if sa emergency vacation may hinihingi pa bang supporting papers sa reasons mo na sasabihin for emergency vacation?

I just want to ask what are the requirements for requesting an emergency vacation?

Is there any supporting documents if I request an emergency vacation to my employer?

Any one to tell me I have my name rent a car. i want to go emergency vacation. I deposit amount 200 sr. Purchase ticket, date of departure one week. So before I take exit re-entry my rent a car rent or no issue in exit re-entry prosses?

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