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I am new to this forum. I worked in Mauritius for about an year as a Senior Software Engineer(SAP ABAP), but unfortunately i had to came back to my place i.e India, but i just love this place very much and having an urge to relocate there on permanent basis. For that i again searched for a job there, and even trying very hard since a year.
Can anybody help me or suggest me a job in SAP, so that i can return back to that place of my dreams....a heaven for me. I am very upset as i am not getting success anyhow to go back to Mauritius. I am having 6 years of IT experience..just need a job in Mauritius for my survival..please anyone help me out....

HI Mohit

Please send your detailed CV + salary expectations on vayid.wimacon[at]

There could be some opportunity with one of my Client.



hi plz check at they always vast opputunities.gud luck

Hello Mr. Vayid,

Thanks for your concern, i have forwarded my resume to your /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ for your kind consideration.
Please let me know if you have any suitable position for me.

Mohit Kumar

Hello Neeraj,

Thanks for your suggestion, but i already checked with them, they don't have any open position at the moment.
Can you please suggest some more.

Thanks & Regards,
Mohit Kumar

Hi All,

Its now more than 2 years when i came up with my first post. I am still looking for an option to relocate to Mauritius. Can anyone help me out in getting a job there, so that i can move back to my dream place.
Just for the info i am an SAP ABAP professional having 7 years of experience, currently working on a Lead position with an MNC in India.

Mohit Kumar

Hello, please send me your cv, will try to see if i can help

Dear Heela, can you share your email address, so that i can fwd my resume to you.

Hi Mohit,

you should also post your job request in our jobs in mauritius section.

All the best,


Thanks for your suggestion Julien, it's done.

@ Heela...sent to your mail inbox.

Have you looked on CareerHub?  You could also try Accenture.

Hi Mohit,

Moving to another country is not about checking or trying here and there and doing trial and error on jobs website.

You need a concise plan and a valid project.

In your case, the best strategy is to check out the various Indian companies operating or having branches in Mauritius. You will have more chances than trying to find a job with a local Mauritian business.
You have many options...Indian Oil, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Mahanagar Telephone, Baroda Bank, etc. And many more will add to the list soon.

Good luck.

Dear Winston,

Thanks for your suggestion but,I already worked in Mauritius for about an year. I know about the job sectors which suits my profile and already tried there. So its not like that I am trying hit and trial method. Whatever I could do from here(India), I tried my level best and even trying continuously. Posting something in this forum is a part of that only. Please suggest me some precise ways, to work out, it would really be helpful to me, if you want to go through my profile please click on link below. … ntity-name

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