Buying a laptop in Guangzhou

Hey everyone!

I'm new here, I live in Hong Kong. Okay, so next week I'll be coming over to Guangzhou for 4 days, during which I want to buy a laptop as the laptop prices in HK are ridiculously high.

Okay, so my question is, are the laptops in Guangzhou cheaper compared to HK?

And also, I stumbled across this website, seems like China's Amazon, 360buy. Is this site reliable for getting a laptop with proper warranties? I looked at the prices on there and they're a lot lower than retail shops. Would they deliver to a hotel in Guangzhou? They don't seem to deliver laptops to HK...

Thanks in advance guys!

there is fake or low quality

guangzhou computer city .....tianhe road
gangding metro station

zhongshan liu lu
yuexiu district
ximenkou metro station

nonono gangding market tianhe
岗顶站metro station name line 3(gang ding )
good luck

I bought my laptop in HK, because in China you don't get it in English but also in HK its cheaper and when you need the service as I need it already 5 times , the Service if something is broken, in China its very bad, even after 3 times they are to stupid to fix it.
In HK is no problem because the education is much higher !

Its better to buy it in HK !!!

Do NOT, repeat DO NOT buy any computer from ANY second hand source in China.  You WILL be ripped off.  Buy from a reputable source.  Prices are the same as they are in the USA (for Apple's anyway)  I bought a laptop from an expat website advertiser in Dalian (D***** D***) and he ripped me for 6000 AND I didn't get the computer back when it broke after just six weeks.  In China the "coverage" for repair/replace is ONE MONTH.  You WILL get screwed and avoid D***** D*** like the plague
You have been warned.

Hello there    yes it is much cheaper in Guangzhou , then any other city in China . Bud you must jnow where to buy .   i buy my computer last year 2013  here in Guangzhou and the man set it up in english for me. and all and all it was cost me  only 1500 RMB     I MUST TELL YOU MY WIFE WITCH IS CHINESE HELP ME AND SHE DONE THE DEEL FOR ME.  . I YOU WANT TO I CAN SEND YOU MORE INFORMATIOM WHERE TO BUY IF YOU ARE INTRESTING. YOU CAN SEND ME YOUR INFORMATION .  TO MY E-MAIL BOX . CHRISDBV132[at]GMAIL.COM  .  MWE WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK .   O MY NEW PC IS A HP .  . DOTE BUY  BY YOUR SELF IF YOU GOT A CHINESE FRIEND LET THEM DO THE DEEL FOR YOU. . KIND REGARDS .

I am visitung guangzhou tomorrow and i wish to buy a laptop....any information will be helpful :)

Hello everyone

I am visitung guangzhou tomorrow and i wish to buy a laptop...its just a one day trip and need a laptop urgently....any information will be helpful :)

Again....its urgent...thanks in advance :)

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