in regards to marriage in Abu Dhabi

I found an interesting forum post at on a different website saying

"I hate posting half a story, but we know a non muslim, UK couple who have married under Sharria Law.

Apprantly it's a civil ceremony, not binding and not recognised aywhere outside the UAE. just provides them the neccesary documents they needed.

Whilst I know sharia courts will try non muslims, I was previously unaware they married them!! However, whilst this isn't first hand experience, I am assured this is the case, and this "sharia married" couple seem to have no problem going about their business in Abu Dhabi, and have secured residency and sponsorship, without any apparant problem.

Might be worth looking into?"

I have looked everywhere for this non binding document, because my GF & I are both moving to Abu Dhabi, both are sponsored by our employers. We do not wish to get married, but this is something we'd definitely be interested in because we'd like to live together legally.

Could someone please make my day by shining a little light on this subject.

If it helps I'm Australian & she's Canadian

thank you


If you are coming to Abu Dhabi, no bady will bother you wile living with your GF without marriage documents. However, if by mistake you get a baby, you will not be able to register it unless you show the marriage document.

This condition (not married living together) in Sharjah.

Regarding the posting you refrred for about Shariaah marriage, it is legal and valid in UAE and in all the Muslim countries. I have no clue if it is recognised in western countries. Anway, peple can get the assistance of their embassies here.

Thanks for your reply, I'll try contacting the embassies

Hey folks I have a big problem and don't know what to do. I live and work in Abu Dhabi, of course I have a resident Visa. I'm from Germany and my Girlfriend is russian. She will come in a very short time to visit me here and we want to get married in Abu Dhabi. What is the best and fastest way to do that under the Sharia law? I read somany things that both of us have to have a resident visa and so on but I don't know if there is a nother way to do it. What about if I sponsor her as my Housemaid and merry her then? Or if I find a sponsor for her so that she can stay already in Abu Dhabi with me. I really love her and I don't want her to go back to russia. So I'm begging you to give me some good advise that I can get through this problem in the shortest possible time.

Thanks in forward

Hey thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately the german embassy don't do marriage ceremonies for whatever reason. They advise to get married with the sharia law. So I'm really caught between a rock and a hard place. Is there still the gap that I can bring my girlfriend outside the country to re-enter for another 30 days or is this revised already? As you can see I'm really desperate in doing something to have her here with me.

Hi Rainman, I am not sure if U can marry in shariah law in the UAE if ur gf comes as a visitor-. U can do civil but she probably have to be a resident as well(work permit). Or else U go out of teh UAE and marry her- then bring her as as wife(u will be her sponsor)..

please read below: … ahabi.aspx

Getting married in Abu Dhabi is an easy matter once the couple meet the requirements and conditions set by the government. There is no civil marriage in the United Arab Emirates. Islam is the official state religion and the Sharia Court in Abu Dhabi performs marriage, regardless of applicants’ nationalities, according to Islamic law. However, Christians can marry in church in Abu Dhabi and register their marriage in the emirate. The main requirement for either marriage is that both parties are residents in the UAE. Each party should produce a birth certificate and a certificate of marital status, which have to be properly attested – either in the applicant’s home country (by the respective foreign ministry and the UAE consulate) or in the UAE (by the applicant’s consulate and the UAE Foreign Ministry)

Regardless of a woman’s age the Sharia Court would always require her guardian’s approval for the marriage. In the absence of a father, uncle or brother, the closest next-of-kin male can be the guardian. If the guardian cannot be present before the court, his attested consent is accepted. In some cases, where there is no-one to act as a guardian, the cleric sheikh himself can assume that role. Once all the required documents (certificates, passport copies and photos) are ready they can be submitted, along with an application for marriage, at the Sharia Court. The marriage requires two witnesses and the whole procedure takes only a few days to complete and receive the marriage certificate.

There are several churches in Abu Dhabi including Orthodox (Syrian and Indian), Catholic, Anglican and Evangelical, where Christian residents of the UAE can marry. Both man and woman have to be Christian to marry in church. Once the marriage is sanctified it can be registered at the court, and the couple are advised to register their marriage at their respective consulates.

Foreign embassies in Abu Dhabi may perform a marriage for their nationals, but the couple need to meet the set conditions and requirement in order for their marriage to be registered in Abu Dhabi.

Who can direct us to a person who will do such a ceremony?

I repeat what I said previously:

If none the parties are muslim, why would you marry under the Sharia law?

My son (Belgian) got married with his Philippina girlfriend in Saudi Arabia but not under the Sharia law!

Embassies are allowed to celebrate marriages so I'd suggest that you take contact with your Embassy in UAE asap because you need to prepare a lot of documents such as birth certificate, certificate of non-previous and still active marriage (don't know exactly the official name for this) etc. for both parties...

-> Rainman : you can cross the border to Oman near Hatta Fort to renew her visa without a problem!


It looks like it would be easier to fly to St. Johns Newfoundland and get married. We can photoshop some camels in the background of the wedding pictures.

Abu_Dhabi_Bobby :

It looks like it would be easier to fly to St. Johns Newfoundland and get married. We can photoshop some camels in the background of the wedding pictures.

:lol::lol::lol: or maybe you could hire some from a circus over there :cool::cool:

Indeed, that was an option I forgot to give you in the PM!

My girlfriend and I would like to get married in Sharjah. We're both Muslim. She is American, 21+ and would come here on a tourist visa. I'm a resident expat. There is no "guardian" approval from her side. Can we get married or should we go to Cyprus?

she will need Birth certificate I recon..pls check the website posted above

good day!!

I would like to inquire if muslim wedding at sharia court is been registered on muslim sharia court outside U.A.E. like in the case of my friend who is a pilipina converted muslim married to muslim indian national working in Sharja U.A.E . The wedding ceremony was done at Shrarja Sharia Court but the weding lisence and documents was not been registered to there designated country of origin In the case of my pilipina friend, after getting there wedding lisence, she did not able to register at the Philippine Embassy for validation instead she returned back to her homeland and never come back here in U.A.E. She then wanted to know if her marriage in Sharja sharia court will be transmitted to the Philippine Sharria Court as well. She wanted to know if her name will appear in Philippine Sharia Court. Thank you

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How about if this incident happen in abudhabi or in Dubai? Whats your thought about it? new hir..nid fiance and i are planning to get married hir in abu dhabi this september..but im just 21 and he's 25.our relatives are staying in the philippines..can we get married even w/o parental consent and parental advice??..what is parental advice by the way???

HI I am from oversease coming to Abu Dahbee for nikha and my fiance is coming from paksitan with her mother as wali/guardian also we have a pakistani passport

do we able to do nikha and get marriage certificate

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