International School in Nha Trang?

I've heard that there is a start-up International School beginning in Nha Trang. Does anyone have any information they could share about this?

Currently, There is a start-up international school in Diamond Bay. And there is an other has being built in Vinh Diem Trung.

The French school is also starting an English branch starting September I believe.

I was told recently (March 2014) while in Nha Trang looking for schools for my 7yo son, that the Diamond Bay school is no longer open.
It has moved and operates as "Asia Pacific College".  The American co-ordinator that I spoke with at APC is named 'Justin'.

This is their site:

I took a few pics of the school...if there's somewhere to upload them, let me know - or email me directly and i'll email them to you.


Asia Pacific School - Tran Phu Street 42, Vinh Nguyen, Nha Trang
and I have the following working email addresses:
Ha Nguyen [ha.b.nguyen[at]]
Justin Menzies [justin.menzies[at]]

The Azur Club French School is opening an English section where all classes are taught in English by fully qualified teachers. It has acquired a new premises in a little street just behind the Light Hotel Hotel not far from Central Park and it is a slightly cheaper alternative to APC. There is also a School from HCMC that is considering opening a branch here but I have not been able to track this information down as yet (they are currently only running a distance education program with a few parents living in Nha Trang). The parents I spoke to seem to think they want numbers to build here before they make a commitment.

Unfortunately the new Singapore run school being set up not too far from the Metro is to be a Vietnamese School that simply teaches Cambridge English as a subject. It is not going to be an English school as originally expected. 

The "Australia House" School just over the bridge seems to be gone ... Could not find the address on the street in their youtubes, the emails bounce and their phone number belongs to a Vietnamese person who stated they are gone... If I am wrong and anyone knows where they are, please let me know.

I know of several private tutors who teach kids up to a high school level here but this can be quite expensive unless you have lots of kids wanting to share the cost.

Distance Education is offered by many good schools cheaply (ours is an Australian school costing around $180 per student for the whole year plus supplies) here but as I have found with my own twins this is at the expense of the social interactions of a real school and you do need a parent to teach them for 4 hours per day 5 days per week (as we do) to make sure they complete all set work. (Congrats to my boys - half year results were "A"s in all except one subject). We are still looking for clubs for them to join or other parents with kids around 10 YO to socialise with here in Nha Trang.

If you know of any other school options please post them here.

This is not in accordance with the information I received from the KinderWorld Vietnam JSC obviously being the principal for Singapore Vietnam International Multi-Level School, which will start end of this summer holiday, and they have advised me, that there will be a parents meeting on the 13 July 2014, for which I am awaiting an invitation.
How local this JSC school will be remains to be seen, may be one has a clearer opinion after the parents meeting, however we are interested in both Vietnamese and English education, as we are here on a permanent basis.
The contact details are:  tran.nguyenthihuynh[at]

Thanks for that info.  I previously emailed them with a reply that seemed to imply Vietnamese for core subjects? There are a few of us here that for us apc is just too costly, and seeing how I am enrolling two even worse for us. (1500usd per month for 2 boys)
Any other options are greatly appreciated. I have emailed the address you just have posted and will see, but if you get info before me please post it here.

Dragon Riders - APC may be a little expensive, however, the Singapore International School is VND 250 mill. year/Student so I am also preparing my budget now to see who in the family will have to 'suffer'
You will most likely receive an invitation to the parents meeting on the 13 July, if not then contact me, and I
will forward you the meeting details.

The French school English unit still seems like the best option so far.  We got quoted per child  approx 120mill vnd a year. Our boys would be in year 7.
I will go to info night to see what the difference is but I really can't see me paying 500mill vnd for schooling.. Unless I win the lottery.. :0)

Do you have to contact details to the French school, then I would appreciate receiving them, as I may also need the 1st prize in the Lottery -:)
The fee of VND 250 mill is for primary school, which I had asked for, and I assume that 6th-12th grade are even higher, which is my main worries. My son will start in 4th grade after the holiday.

Hi Rhody. Thanks for your info re- APC school. Could you email any photos to me at( traxviet[at] )
Kind Regards
Trevor Stephens

Here is the website for the French school  who will be starting english school in September...

We are another Australian family looking forward to living in Nha Trang long term :) We have a soon to be 8 year old son who is looking forward to playing soccer & making new friends.

Dragon rider - thanks so much for your info so far. I sent a email to the EFI Centre today just to introduce myself. Both hubby & I really like the look of the curriculum (more similar to our current school than the US Californian curriculum offered at APC). Hopefully things turn out well for us to enroll there too.

Can't wait to get away from this miserable Melbourne weather!!

For anyone interested in more information, Stephen from the EFI center (french school) just emailed us the Open days timetable so I thought I would post it here...

Sunday 6th July 5-6 pm - presentation in Russian
Monday 7th July 5-6pm - presentation in Vietnameses
Tuesday 8th July 5-6pm - presentation in English and French

Address is  EFI Center, 86c Tran Phu. (behind the Light Hotel, opposite Louisiane Brewhouse)

Stacymoo...I am with you..Melbourne is TERRIBLE in winter. I feel for you!

Hi there,

Did anybody visited the open day?
What was the impression?

I have a soon 8 year old (AUS/GER) looking for a school in Nha Trang.

Singapore Vietnam International School
Ms Le Diep Thuy Ngoc, Office cum Operations Manager for Nha Trang Campus
Phone number: 0947 969 144
Email Address: ngoc.lediepthuy[at]

Thanks young man, I will check them out.

I will relocate to Nha Trang in December. How is the International School situation now and how are the fees? Cannot afford to pay my full salary to a primary school...
Thanks in advance for any suggestion

There's a few international schools here that charge roughly from USD$ 600. To USD$1,000 a month plus the usual " extras".

Hi there.

Our son is enjoying EFI Centre which had English & French curriculum. The fees depend on the year level. Our son is in level 4,5,6 & it costs just over 10 mil a month.
There is the Singapore school but I don't know anything about it. I have been told it's more expensive.
And there is Kids Castle in An Vien for up to 7 year olds.
Hope that helps :)

thanks a lot. any cheaper option available?


Could anyone on this site let me know anything about EFI Centre. We are thinking of relocating to Nha Trang and have two kids aged 8 and 7 and this seems like the only school. Andy thoughts?

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