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Hi i recently applied for  a dependent visa and it was sent to belgium for decision making and now on the dofi page the status says Décision:    En traitement. I got to know that yours was the same case. Can you please let me know how many days it took after it say Décision:    En traitement?? Thanks in advance. please advise.

I applied in April .My visa registerd in belgium in July and now it is still in treatment .My visa procedure is going upto 7months now.the belgium embassy says it takes 9 months so I am still waiting.yes dear same case I also applied for family reunion visa .

Did they tell you why it's taking this long?

It is just the backlog.. There are a lot of applications pending to be treated and they do a lot of checks and verification nowadays before approving (may be working with other departments, local offices, verifying the info you provided, etc) before approving. That adds to the time taken.

7 months!!  VFS Doha told me 21 to 60 days from the day of application.

Waiting period is not a coollllll period .its very difficult

Yes Ecl.Today 7 months completed. do you also applied for family visa?

Yes, I'm in Belgium since Sep, applied for a family reunion in Oct.
I got so many unmatched information sources regarding visa timeline.
VFS say: 21-60 days
Belgium embassy say: 2-4 months people say: 4month, 6months, 7+ months ...

I am from India working in Belgium.
I applied for the dependent visa for my wife 2 months back. Today I saw on the immigration website that the status of the application has changed from "in traitement" to "ACCORD" (in French). Can you please tell me what does it mean? Has the visa granted or rejected?

Congrats granted

Your visa granted vicky

Hi @Mohsinjazzy, Thank you for your reply. Do you know how long does it take to get the documents and passport back?

No dear I don't know because my visa also in treatment this time .but I read in this forum that it takes 1 week .or 3 to 4 days.

@Mohsinjazzy Hang on buddy, I understand the waiting is very painful. Wait 2 more months and hope for the best. :-)

vicky_10 :

Hi @Mohsinjazzy, Thank you for your reply. Do you know how long does it take to get the documents and passport back?

1 week or 2. Keep follow up with VFS.

Yes you are right it's very painful time but I m waiting from 7 months .its more painful day by day .any ways that's means you got your approval within 3 months .right?

Hi Mohsin, I applied in VFS on 25th September, so it is 2 months and 1 week. I think it is normal waiting time. But yours is exceptionally long.

@aneeshks should I call VFS to get my documents back or they will update the status page on their website?
I applied from Bangalore vfs and they called me when my visa arrived. but that was 4 years back.

This is confusing.. what criteria is it for processing time? Some people get it faster than others, I thought it is a queue. Congratz Vicky this is good news, I hope I get mine as fast as yours.

Hello all.i have one question that why embassy give back my passport which I submitted with my documents .they told me that when visa should b granted they request for my pasport and then I will give them for stamped .anyone have answere?

It differs from country to country .
The process to issue a visa takes time so the embassy gives passport back to applicant (just in case if they need to travel ).
In my case here in India, I had to mail them to get my passport back for my international travel.
The process goes on , there is no hault or disruption. So you don't have to worry about it.
When the final decision will be made on your application, they will ask you for the passport again to stamp the visa.

Thankyou for your reply abbhas

You are most welcome  :top:

Hi Aneesh,

Are the application picked up by sequence or it is random? Do you have any idea on this?
2 of my colleagues are waiting for their dependent visa's for approval from belgium embassy.

For 1st one its showing up in online from 21 Dec 2017 still in treatment as status.
For 2nd one its showing up in online from 31 Jan 2018 and in treatment as status.

So does this means like 2nd one's will be approved only after the 1st gets through? Please advise if you have idea.

Thank in advance.

I have no idea to be honest, but by common logic I would assume it is picked on FIFO mode (first in first out) which means sequential. And the processing time taken will depend on the inquiries the ministry must make with various departments (and their time take to respond, etc) in order to make a decision.

Lets say there is no inquiries on 2nd application and then there will be no waiting for responses from ministry.

Then its no point holding up other files that file waiting for responses of early applications. So this was logically its not FIFO. But ya no one knows the process followed by them to approve applications.

Lets wish Good luck to everyone those are waiting for approval for family reunions visas asap :)

FIFO is on picking from the queue, not processing :)

Anyway, there is no much transparency on what happens once the file arrives there at DOFI. All we can do is to wait for their response.

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